Location – The Wet Republic day club can be found at the MGM Grand’s grand pool complex

Party Times – You can get wet from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Thursday thru Monday

Highlighted DJs* –

  • Calvin Harris

  • Generik

  • Ingrosso

  • Tiesto

  • Oliver Heldens

  • Moti

  • Afrojack

  • Bobby Burns

  • Mike Williams

  • Steve James

  • Steve Aoki

  • Hardwell

  • Kill the Buzz

  • Krewella

*Wet Republic borrows DJs from Hakkasan Nightclub, and the lineup may change from time to time. Check their website to see exactly who is getting behind the massive DJ booth on the weekend you plan on swimming over.

VIP Seating- Cabanas and bungalows are lined up for your party pleasure. Gather your friends and spring for the bungalow to get exclusive access to a plunge pool and private shower area.

Cover Charges – The ladies can expect to pay $20 to $50 for entry and the guys start at $30 and have been seen to go up to $150. Prices vary if there is a special event going down.

Theme – You will definitely find a current of glamour running through Wet Republic, although it is usually overshadowed by the throngs of guys and gals getting their party on.

What to Wear – Your best beach wear is required. Don’t expect to get in if you are wearing old cut off shorts, ripped t-shirts or a mankini.

Wet Republic Pricing – Cream Of The Crop. No doubt this party is worth it, but prices reflect that. Wet Republic is 1 of the highest priced parties in town, but the pool party they throw is worth it. Daybed start at around $1000 (up to 8 guests). Dance Deck and Lounge tables from $2500 (up to 10 guests). The big boys & girls lay in the cabanas and bungalows. A deluxe cabana will run you $3500 to $6000 (up to 15 guests). Bungalow VIP starts at $5000 and can grow to well over $10,000 Minimum Spend. Grab 20 of your closest friends and split that cost up to make it a day in the sun you'll never forget.

The Final Word – Saltwater pools, a gigantic bar and hosted bikini contests make Wet Republic a stand out for the Vegas day club frenzy. For the best possible time, make sure to reserve a private perch inside a bungalow or cabana.



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