Vegaster 7 - Hotel & Casino Pools in Las Vegas

There is more to a pool in Vegas then a pool party. Each hotel has its own luxurious poolside retreat with their own unique amenities. Our Vegaster experts grabbed their suits and made the rounds to find the best pool side hang-outs in Vegas.

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Pools in Vegas

The Bellagio: The pool at the Bellagio smartly combines swimming with a bar. The Pool Bar offers up signature drinks made with all fresh ingredients while you lounge in one of five courtyard pool settings. The Bellagio pools make you feel like you are on the shores of the Mediterranean. A daybed on the main pool deck is the best spot here. You’re close enough to the bar to get faster service, yet still feel like you are in paradise.

The Cosmopolitan: The Cosmo may be all posh and glitz on the inside, but when it comes to their pools it is all about fun. They set up foosball, pool tables and even ping pong for those who like to run around in the sun at the Boulevard Pool, and tranquil retreats for those who don’t. This is a popular hang-out with live performances and cookouts during the summer. Our pick for a spot here is definitely a luxurious cabana for when you need a break from the vibrant social scene.

Cosmo Vegaster Blvd Pool Reservations.jpg

Caesars Palace: Caesars has eight pools to choose from, but the Fortuna offers what most adults will want, without any kids. Here you get your swim up blackjack tables underneath a magnificent 18 foot waterfall. There was no preference among us as to where to park our suntan oil, but the guys did want to point out that if you head off to the Venus pool, tops for the girls are an option.

Caesars palace pools las vegas top 7 vegaster.jpg

The Wynn/Encore: Although best know for its rocking pool parties, there are pools for swimming solo at the Wynn Resort. These are all very sophisticated, with posh seating poolside, oversized daybeds and private cabanas. Our pick was the resort pool at the Wynn with a Jacuzzi spa. There is no splashing crowds or rowdy noise, just very lush chaise lounges in a very tranquil pool setting.

The Flamingo: Beyond the GO pool is the Beach Club Pool at the Flamingo which gives the kids a chance for a pool party too. The whole pool complex at the Flamingo feels like the tropics with lagoons, waterfalls and water slides giving you plenty of choices in making your own party. We picked the cabana as the best spot around the pool. You get amenities like a fridge and iced towels plus a retreat away from the noise when you want.

Golden Nugget: The Golden Nugget is where you go when you want to swim with the sharks. The tank as it is called, also boasts an aquarium which you can slide right through from a 3 story water slide. Once you have your full of swimming head up to the third levels Hideout Infinity Pool. This is where we spent the rest of the afternoon calming our nerves after our up close and personal encounters.

The Cosmopolitan: We headed back to the Cosmo to see and found a spa like retreat at their Bamboo pool. The polar opposite of The Boulevard, the Bamboo pool is all soft music, chair massages and a teakwood bar. There is no need for a cabana here, just plop yourself down in a luxurious day bed complete with an oversized tulip umbrella and wait for the massage to come to you.

Bamboo-Pool at Cosmo Las Vegaster Travel Reservations App.jpg

There is no law that says you have to hang at the pool where you are staying. Grab your speedo and go and find that perfect poolside spot that has everything you need in a desert oasis.