Vegaster 7 Best Poker Rooms & Gaming Lounges In Las Vegas

The “Gentleman’s Game” poker has regained popularity in Vegas thanks to the World Series of Poker and online gaming. As a result, the poker rooms have stepped up their game, with more variety in a very comfortable atmosphere. With the help of our poker expert team, Vegaster was able to put together a list of the 7 best poker rooms in and around town.

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Poker Rooms in Vegas

The Bellagio:  The Bellagio is the best of the best in terms of Vegas poker rooms and where the big boys play when they are in town. You are going to find amateurs, wanna be’s, and guys like Daniel Negreanu, when he’s not in the World Series of Poker tour, huddled around the numerous tables. It’s really a coin toss to see who you are going to end up at a table with on any given night. The only drawback here is you might get stuck on a waiting list until a spot opens up, but the premium cocktails and great company make that wait worth it.

Caesars: If you really want to feel like a Pro and get in on a poker tournament, Caesars has 3 Texas Hold’em mini tournaments everyday. The buy in is cheap, (at most $120) and you get the opportunity to show off your skills and win some real money. If you have trouble finding it, just look past the Caesar’s sportsbook, and don't be crazy, use the DIRECT MAPPING on your Vegaster app. Make sure you know your poker stuff before entering, Caesars is one of the few poker rooms that will let you make your own spread so long as you can get other players to join in.

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Aria: With only 24 tables, Aria by far does not have the biggest poker room on the strip, but it is one of the most cozy. Free water and fruit drinks are available, plus a massage service if your diminishing pile of chips is starting to make you tense. Here you will find two of the more popular daily tournaments at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. with a $125 buy in and $2,500 or more jackpot. For that kind of cash, I’m certainly all in.


Green Valley Ranch Casino: This is a more relaxed (and cheap) poker environment if you don’t think your skills (or wallet) is ready for the big time. This may be a bit out of the way for some, but there are other Vegas attractions nearby if you wanted to make a day of it.

Red Rock Casino: The Red Rock Casino’s poker room has gained some interest since becoming the host of The Ultimate Poker Challenge. You are also going to find daily mini tournaments, where the stakes can get as high as $13,000 with a small buy in. If you have ambitions to be in the World Series of Poker in the near future, the Red Rock is a good place to start practicing.

The Orleans Casino: The Orleans is also host to daily tournaments, but with bonuses given for pre-play. For each hour you spend at a poker table before the start of the tournament, you get $500 in starting chips. I’ll take it. In fact, Orleans offers more bonuses than any other poker room around with drawings, splashed pots, and even a player of the month.

Venetian: With a total of 52 tables spread out in an expansive room, the Venetian boasts the largest poker room on the strip. This has made it a popular spot for a number of poker tournaments and series during the year. These are with a reasonable buy-ins for those whose pockets are not deep enough for the World Series of Poker.

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Even if you have never played a hand in your life, you should at least once sit down at one of these tables. You have seen it played out on the T.V a hundred times, now it’s your turn to feel that excitement and see what all the fuss is about.