Vegaster 7 Vegas Music Venues & Entertainment Arenas

Being a VIP at a Las Vegas night club is one thing, having your own VIP box to see Maroon V hit the stage is something greater than extraordinary. Las Vegas is building up to be the musical capital of the world  - among other things- and has these amazing music venues to thank for their slow rise to fame.

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Music Venues in Vegas

Hard Rock Joint: Since 2009, The Hard Rock Resort’s 4,000 seat Hard Rock Joint has hosted everything from KISS to Sex. On top of being a tour stop and residency for a number of rock bands, The Joint is also a common site for Cagefighting and TNA Wrestling events. Rascal Flatts will be the first country stars to take up space on the stage starting February, but not before The Adult Video Network has its expo and award show starting on January 21st.

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MGM Grand Garden Arena: The Garden Arena has been THE place in Vegas to perform since Babs opened the Venue New Year’s Eve 1993. Since then, this massive arena has hosted hundreds of big names in music as well as a number of sporting events. There are close to 17,000 seats inside, but with careful attention to line of sight and acoustics the view and sound quality are always exceptional. 

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Mandalay Bay Events Center: The Events Center at Mandalay Bay rivals The Arena in size with a capacity for 12,000 and has also seen its fair share of big name stars, but while you see classics like Barry Manilow at the MGM, Mandalay is more hip, hosting newer artists such as Maroon V, Pitbull and Chris Brown. The stage is enormous and with great lighting effects, perfectly suited for this type of musical numbers.

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Sayers Club: One of the newest spots to catch a live show, The Sayers Club, inside of the new SLS Hotel in Vegas, has the same level of intimacy and sophistication as its famous cousin with the same name back in L.A. With room for only 250 guests and 20 VIP boxes, catching a live act here is like being at someone famous’ very cool private birthday. Most of the music is local or emerging, but there has been some famous guitar-by’s such as Slash and Prince. This is the spot to hang, drink and be surprised by the music they are showcasing.

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Pearl: The music venue at the Palms Resort is that happy medium you might be looking for. With seating for 2,500 plus 18 private boxes with birds eye views, this theater has an opera-like feel. No seat is more than 120 feet from the stage, which has been graced by talent like Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani and Morrisey. They also showcase big blasts from the past such as Styx and Ringo, plus big names in comedy like Bill Maher who will be stopping by for 2 nights coming up in March.

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The AXIS: What used to be the Aladdin Theater is now The AXIS powered by Monster at the Planet Hollywood. Voted the best of its kind in Vegas, they are able to feature international pop sensations like Britney and Justin inside the 7,000 seat auditorium. Newly revamped, AXIS can boast one of the largest video and projection systems in the world, making it real easy to see Brit bumping and grinding from any seat in the house.

The Colosseum:  Or the stadium built for a diva, Caesar’s Palace went through a lot of money to ensure they too had stage big enough for the kings and queens of the music industry. And while there won’t be any battles with lions here, you can see Elton duke it out on his million dollar piano. Despite its name, The Colosseum is not nearly as collossal as the MGM, with only 4,000 or so seats, but they still put out incredible concert events and live shows.

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If your must see concert is doing the rounds, check their schedule for when they’re hitting Sin City. With the large number of unique concert halls here, no matter where they pick up their mic, its guaranteed to be a great performance.