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Sure, you may find a Taco from a bell open in the wee Vegas hours, but why put yourself through that pain when Vegas is overflowing with late night eateries that serve up really good food well past closing time at the club. The Vegaster food expert team made the sacrifice of drinking a lot at bars and clubs and then scouring the city for the best late night joints to work that off. The special challenge? To find that perfect menu item that you won’t find at any wanna be Mexican take-out:

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Late Night Grub in Vegas

Café Bellagio:  For a sophisticated late night snack, the Café Bellagio has all that you need. Just off of the conservatory and botanical garden its menu covers breakfast, lunch and dinner options to satisfy any craving too much booze brought on. Their take on the run for the border food included mushroom tacos, which were surprisingly fantastic, despite not having any meat. If that doesn’t do it, try the Torta de Milanesa, filled with pork, beans, guacamole, jalapeno and cheese. Now that’s finger licking good.

Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant: So we cheated a bit on this one, but one sip of their margarita and you’ll know why. Just a few miles from the Palms, Ricardo’s serves Mexican food that is as authentic as you can get north of the border. So yes, the tacos were divine, with the right type of soft shell, the right seasoning – cilantro- and the right sauces. Right on Ricardo’s, so says our food expert from Tijuana.

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Citizen’s Kitchen and Bar: If you’re the momma’s food type of drunk, than Citizen’s inside of the Mandalay is the perfect surrogate. Smothered and covered tots… Need we say more? This 24/7 joint has world renowned Chef Massie at the helm, whose perfectionist style shows, even in the late night snacks. You won’t find a taco late at night here, but the Mandalay is smart with their after-hour menu. Keep it simple with burger and eggs choices, plenty of cheese and buckets of gravy. 

Farm 24-7 at Aliante: If your travels take you a bit off the strip, check out this late night spot inside of the Aliante Hotel. The focus here is on using all fresh and local ingredients, which is obvious in every bite. The “Moonlight Menu” for the mooners covers all the bases in after drinking fare, except the taco. You can however dive into a monster sized plate of nachos with all the fixin’s. That should take care of the urge to run to the border.

Crown and Anchor British Pub: Why not go from the bar to the pub? What stands out here is that the full menu is available all of the time. Feel like some Bangers & Mash? No Worries, they’ll have it. They will also have these incredible BBQ pulled pork slider sandwiches. The only problem here is that our friends from the other side of the pond don’t appreciate the taco the way we do, but beer battered fish and chips are the bomb-diggety.

The Peppermill: The Peppermill has become an icon of 24/7 spots on the strip, having dealt with late night drunken revelry for over 40 years now. You’ll find the Peppermill next to the Wynn serving local celebrities and wanna-be’s. The diner like atmosphere and menu rolls over into the late night fare, which is whatever you can find on the menu. If Mexican is the only thing on your mind, the chicken quesadilla filled with three cheeses and spicy pico de gallo will take care of that.

Mr. Lucky's: Being inside of one of the party hotels on the Vegas, Mr. Lucky's is surprising cozy and fun in the wee hours. The late night menu covers the whole gambit of breakfast, lunch and even full dinner selections. But who needs any of that when you can top off your night with an ice cold and a simple plate of chips and guac. Who knew the God’s also enjoyed the simple pleasures.

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The very essence of Vegas begs for a variety of late night food that is served hot and with a smile. Don’t settle for your hometown stand buys out of habit. Take advantage of being in another city that hasn’t gone to sleep for decades by digging into fantastic snacks and goodies after the party.