Vegaster 7 Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas

Considering Vegas’ infamous history with the Italian community, it’s no wonder that it boasts some of the best Italian cuisine in the world. Growing up in Chicago I have had some of the best Italian food around, but Vegas does Italy proud. 

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Italian Restaurants in Vegas

Chicago Joe's: Brought back to my roots, Chicago Joe's is not an overpriced wanna be of an Italian restaurant, but rather a quaint gem you’ll find down on S. 4th Street. This is down to earth great Italian food. We wanted our tour of Italy to start with classic pasta dishes, and went with a meat sauce and alfredo. You choose the pasta poison and they serve you up a plate so rich in flavor it makes you forget about that place in Chicago.

Best Grub Pick: Gotta go dessert here and pick the cannoli. Stuffed to order, the shell was crisp, the cream sweet, and covered in just the right amount of powdered sugar.

Trevi: Did you get on the wrong plane and land in Rome? Trevi doesn’t miss an Italian spice, with a menu that hits on all of the faves. Located inside of Caesar’s Forum Shops, you are in for a real Italian treat with an open kitchen that lets you watch the chefs at work. Our experts went out on a limb here with chicken francese and lamb osso bucco, both amazing replications of what you would find in an authentic Italian kitchen.

Best Grub Pick: We took a shrimp and pesto pizza to-go for a late night snack. Even after a few hours, this was one of the best pies I have ever tried.

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Maggiano's: First let’s talk about the 360 degree view of the strip from floor to ceiling windows. Maggiano’s is at the north end, right across the street from the Wynn, at within walking distance of the Fashion. We did lunch here before heading out to shop, and because all this Italian talk left us hankering for a cheesy hero. What we got were some very upscale, and delish, versions of classic Italian heroes.  

Best Grub Pick: The flatbread. There is a bunch of different types to choose from, but we were overly impressed with our chicken and roasted pepper flatbread.

Parma by Chef Marc: This cozy Italian place is a bit out of the way but well worth the trip. Chef Marc is on top of making even the simplest eggplant parmesan taste authentic Italian. In addition to your typical pasta fare, you will find classic Italian fish and meat entrees and sides.

Best Grub Pick: A lobster bisque soup that could have been my main course, was so rich. This was actually the highlight of the entire Italian venture.

Andiamo Italian Steakhouse: There are cows in Italy, so it makes sense that there will be great Italian steaks. Located down on Fremont inside of the D, this Italian themed steakhouse seduces you immediately with the aroma of 30 day aged cuts of prime meat on a grill. It was easy to satisfy both yearnings, as each of the steak dishes we ordered was served with a generous portion of pasta on the side.

Best Grub Pick: Andiamo Tomahwk, a 32oz rib eye steak with zip sauce. You don’t need to know what zip sauce is, just know that it is friggin’ awesome.

Mastrioni's:  Family owned and operated is the best way to do Italian. And when I was chowing down on my spaghetti pomodoro, I could picture mama Corleone in the back of the kitchen barking orders to the cooks. Like some of our other top Italian picks, this one is off the beaten strip, but well worth the cab fare.

Best Grub Pick: Shrimp and scallops with vodka sauce. Good vodka sauce is hard to come by, and the Mastrioni mama nails it.

Rao's: It would be a little scary if Caesars of all places couldn’t make high Italian marks. This is like the old school Italian restaurant, where you expect Michael Corleone to come storming out of the bathroom any second. Celebrity pictures line each wall, and the cozy booth you are seated at, giving you something to keep your mind off of the savorious smells coming from the kitchen. The food here is served family style, the way it was meant to be, but only after your waiter pops a squat in your booth to go over the nightly specials.

Best Grub Pick: I was so impressed by the atmosphere, I almost forgot to note how amazing our food was, especially the gnocchi appetizer.

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The Italian journey was one of the most surprising for the Vegaster good eats experts. While the big hotels all held their own with their versions of Italian food finery, it was those little out of the way places that really got our taste buds hopping. If you have trouble finding any of our picks, have no fear, Vegaster is here and will get you directions to the best Italian restaurants in, and around the city.