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There is a lot more to a good cup of joe than coffee and sugar. People who LOVE coffee, really love their coffee and all the delectable donuts and danish that go with it. We sent a couple of our resident coffee lovers to find out which spots are serving up the best coffee, with something unique to dunk in it. So wake up, you are about to find the best spots in Vegas for a coffee.

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Coffee Spots in Vegas

Espressamente-illy at the Palazzo:  Of course if you are sipping on coffee at the Palazzo, it is going to be a rich Italian blend. Like the whole of the Venetian-Palazzo experience, this coffee shop is reminiscent of one you would find on a street in Venice complete with a wide variety of crepes and gelatos as well as breakfast and lunch entrees. On your way out, fill up a small box with European chocolates to take back to the hotel and savor later. The best coffee dipper was a slice of heavenly coffee cake with warm chunks of cinnamon running through and on top.

Espresso at Caesar’s Forum Shops: There are two Espresso locations inside of the Forum Shops. One for a quick coffee or latte to go up the spiral staircase to the third floor for the café and restaurant. The upstairs location offers the perfect respite after doing the rounds at the shops. The décor is very much in style with the whole Roman God theme, and the lattes are to die for. The coffee was a superb blend as well, especially when you dunked pieces of a humongous black and white cookie inside.

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Holley’s Cuppa: This is where you go when you want classic roast in a cup. The owner- Holley Steeley – has a true passion for the magic bean, from how they grow to how their roasted. Her dedication shines through in every single sip. The coffee shop shops for beans from all around the world, which are then ground up on the spot to brew you a fresh cup. Definitely try the Guatemalan Hue HueTenango, and then dunk an oversized blueberry muffin inside.


Leone Café: Leon Café is a traditional Italian coffee shop on the west side of the strip. You can find all your caffeine faves here including espresso, Chai Latte and of course a quick cup of fresh brewed joe. This is a favorite spot for locals, but even when crowded you are going to get great service. The best dipper was an almond croissant that was light and fluffy like it just got off of the plane from France.

Tipsy Coffee House: So okay, there was nothing overwhelmingly special about the coffee, or the latte, other than that it was not jacked up with too much sugar like other places. But, but, they are called tipsy for a reason. Liquor filled chocolate cakes and truffles. To heck with the coffee and even a croissant, I’ll take a dozen of those and call it a night.    

Sunrise Coffee Co.:  Remember the one where you just sat down and had a nice cup of hot, fresh roasted coffee. Chatted with your friend Phoebe and ordered a scone from Gunther? Yeah, this is that type of place. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, there is plenty of space to relax, sip and chat and the scones really are coffee dippable good. Just make sure to order two if your friend Joey is around.

Starbucks: Or you could always just stick with what you are used to. There are over 92 Starbucks in Las Vegas at last count. Almost all of the major hotels have at least one as well as the malls. Plus there are free standing store fronts on the strip and on Fremont St. If you are truly in need of that familiar green cup filled with your favorite Starbucks blend, just tell your Vegaster app where-yer at, and they will let you know where the closest one is.

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Yes, there are bars galore to explore, and clubs to do the groove thing, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your caffeine fix. Luckily Vegas has that covered for you too.