Vegaster 7 Bar & Pub Grub & Signature Cocktails - Las Vegas

At your local watering hole, you’re probably lucky to get a bowl of pretzels thrown at you when you order a drink, and we really don’t recommend eating them. They may even have a kitchen where if the cook is up to it you can get some hot wings or even a burger. Your typical bar does not focus on the food, but nothing about Vegas is typical. When you go out drinking in Vegas, you can expect some serious snacking.

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Pub & bar Grub

Here’s a list of 7 bars or pubs around town who have taken the pub grub/beer bites concept to a whole new level:

Culinary Dropout – Hard Rock Hotel

It’s obvious the diploma wasn't necessary once you start tasting the beer bites of Culinary Dropout.  Just the happy hour menu has Korean shrimp and chicken on a stick, pretzels and fondue and the to die for antipasti, which is a variety of meats, cheeses and small snacks. Nothing on the menu sounds ordinary (bacon & parmesan grissini?) but when put together it all tastes extraordinary.

Petrossian Bar – Bellagio

It’s sorta strange to refer to world class caviar and blinis pub grub, but that’s what you can get to go with your vodka tonic at the Bellagio. The elegant atmosphere of this piano bar is warm and inviting with a spot off to the side for an afternoon tea. At tea you can skip the caviar and eat tea sandwiches with your pinkie out. Just switch out the tea for wine and you’ll be fine.

Bellagio Vegaster Buffet.jpg

Todd English P.U.B. – Crystals

When you have over 50 different imported beers at your fingertips, you better have access to some really good grub. Todd English does not disappoint by taking something as simple as a bowl of chili and making it rival that beer by adding prime rib bits. There’s a whole lotta’ grub like that at the P.U.B to keep you drinking and dining for hours.

Press – Four Seasons

Press is very impressive with its outdoor seating and laid back atmosphere. The food is light to match the mood and tempting with honey- Sriracha chicken to help wash down your martini or delectable serving of fried ravioli. Four Seasons is located inside of the Mandalay Bay and gives a quiet retreat away from the rest of the street.

Nine Fine Irishmen – New York New York

Nine Fine Irishmen takes its name very seriously, giving you food and drink that could compete in Dublin. All your beer bite flavors are here, but with an Irish flair. The nachos are made with potato slices and beer, the dip is made with irish cheddar and beer and the fried sausages are made with GUINNESS sauce and beer. Starting to see a pattern here…

Michael Mina Pub 1842 – MGM Grand

How about lobster grilled cheese to make you happy at happy hour, or brisket sliders made with Angus Beef. Pub 1842 may seem upscale, but it has a sense of humor. You can stop by for a brew, but Pub 1842 also has a quenching array of fruit and herb infused drinks that will blow your mind.

Vice Versa – Vdara

Vice Versa is the recently updated Bar Vdara. Not only did they get a pretty facelift, they sparked up their pub grub menu to include tasty treats like flatbreads, chicken teriyaki sliders and surf and turf sliders. The idea is to have a sort of 2 restaurant concept with the Vice side dealing with all of yours and the versa side being health friendly. In all honesty, the food and drinks were all so good that I had no idea what was a vice and what was versa.

Vegaster Travel App VIP Reservations.JPG

That plate of wings at your local bar is never going to look the same once you’ve had a fair share of the beer bites that Vegas puts out for the party. Each of these bars has their own unique selection, warranting every one of them a visit.