Vegaster 7 Sushi & Asian Fusion Cuisine Reservations - Vegas

Oh, the simple days. When you ordered Chinese take-out or went out to eat at a Korean restaurant. Now we have “Asian Fusion”. WTH is that? Turns out that all it is a combination of all the different flavors and cooking techniques used across Asia in one convenient restaurant. Some even go so far as to experiment with influences from other regions too. So our Vegaster food experts were once again sent to the streets to find the best of these Asian Fusion restaurants.

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Asian Fusion Restaurants in Vegas

Jumping Rice & Rolls: At the heart of Asian food is rice, and Jumping Rice & Rolls has that covered. Using seafood that is on par with the best restaurants in town, you get a fantastic combination of Thai, Korean and Japanese flavors at a budget friendly price. If you already have a taste for rice rolls you are not going to be disappointed with what you find at this Asian Fusion gem located in southwest Las Vegas.  

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The Social House: Who doesn’t need a delectable plate of steamed dumpling after a lap around the mall at Crystals? The Social House takes mall cuisine to a whole new level with fresh sushi and a menu that covers the flavors of all of Asia. Happy hour is from a 5 to 8 with a wide array of dishes to try on special, and cocktails of course. That’s the right way to celebrate after maxing out the Visa. 

KoMex Fusion: KoMex combines the unique flavors of two distinct cultures to create culinary magic. There are four locations in Vegas, but this is in no way chain restaurant style food. Instead, each item is made to order and presented with absolute perfection. If you don’t believe that Mexican blends with Korean just try the Fusion Torta. Mexican food will never taste the same to you again.

Andrea’s:  For a more upscale dining experience, try the Encore’s take on the fusion fascination. Named for Steve Wynn’s wife (isn’t that cute?) Andrea’s is the alter ego of the Surrender night club where you get all jazzed up before diving into a plate of garlic lobster and a side of sushi. The menu offers a wide range of Asian inspired dishes along with high end faves like Wagyu beef dishes. Take note chefs, this is fusion done fabulous. 

Hakkasan Restaurant: Dim sum is probably the furthest thing from your mind when you first hear Hakkasan, but at the heart of one of Vegas’ hottest night spots is an Asian infusion inspired restaurant. This is a two story haven for diners who want a panoramic sampling of all Asia has to offer with an obvious lean towards Cantonese cuisine. The best part is when your dim sum is done, you are just an elevator ride away from VIP service at the Hakkasan nightclub.

Foundation Room: What used to be one of the best kept secrets at the Mandalay Bay, the Foundation Room has now been opened for the whole world to enjoy. Situated on the 43rd floor with an incredible view of the strip, the Foundation Room’s menu fuses flavors of Asia with India, and then throws in some French and Spanish flair to keep it interesting. Like combining lobster tacos with pico de gallo and crème fraiche, somehow it all works. 

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Tao Asian Bistro: Another name most often associated with EDM and shorties in short skirts, the Tao restaurant inside of the Venetian is one of the first of its kind in Vegas. Creating a “whole night” experience under the same roof, you can start your night off with an Asian inspired array of impeccable plates followed by one of the most extraordinary night club experiences on the planet. The consistent freshness and high quality of all things Tao is the secret to how it has been on all the best lists since the day it first opened its doors.

This latest trend in restaurant concepts allows you take a tour of an entire continent, or even the world, with your taste buds. If you have not yet experienced what combining these flavors can do to your favorite dish, make it a point to try it out the next time you are staying on the strip.