Vegaster 7 Best People Watching Bars

Las Vegas is a diverse city, drawing in (and in some cases keeping) some of the most interesting and eccentric individuals on the planet. For some of us, watching them as they traipse about with bright eyes and bewildered looks is all part of the thrill of being there. We have handpicked 7 places where not only are the drinks to die for, but the view of what is really happening on our city streets will blow your mind.

The Vegaster 7: The 7 Best Bars to Lay Back and People Watch In

Cabo Wabo Cantina

For those south of the border, a cantina is the type of bar where only men dare to go to get drunk and maybe play a few hands of cards. Cabo Wabo takes that concept and kicks it up to Las Vegas level by letting in the ladies and rockin’ the joint with some Sammy Hagar flair. Located smack in the middle of the Miracle Mile Shops, this is an ideal location to blow some dough on tequila shots while watching everyone else blow their dough on stuff they don’t need. 

Double Barrel Roadhouse

Pull up a stool at the Double Barrel Roadhouse and draw back on your draft beer while the strip passes you by. You’ll find this roadhouse inside of the Monte Carlo has just the right level of rowdiness to go along with its live music. Plus, if you get bored watching the action unfold on the strip you can always turn around and feast your eyes on the super hot “DB” girls walking up and down the catwalks.

Bellagio Vegaster Buffet.jpg

PBR Rock Bar & Grill

Get a bulls’s eye view of the Bellagio, City Center and the strip while straddling the mechanical one inside, or right from the massive patio of the PBR Rock Bar & Grill. Either way, this Miracle Mile Shop venue definitely lives up to its reputation of being a “little bit country, little bit rock n’ roll” with plenty of spaces to lay your hat down and gander at what’s going on outside.


Admit it, your mind instantly got wasted away at the thought of Jimmy Buffet’s famed Vegas watering hole. Found front and center at the Flamingo Hotel, the three levels allow you to easily sit back and watch as you wait for that shaker of the salt. The only difference is, you’ll be people watching on the strip rather than on a Caribbean beach.

Bond Bar

The lounge chairs and daybeds overlooking the strip makes people watching cozy at the Cosmopolitan’s Bond Bar. Floor to ceiling windows look straight down onto the strip, keeping you entertained while sipping on your martini. Sophisticated and classy likes its namesake, the Bond Bar is a divine way to spend a cool Vegas evening.

Diablo’s Cantina

A chic terrace overlooks the strip at Diablo’s Cantina, where the beer is served ice cold and the tacos spicy hot. Situated right in front of the Monte Carlo, this is prime real estate if you are into seeing what the rest of Vegas is up to. This is a two story sizzling hot spot, that gives you the comfort you crave to just sit back and chill outside, and the ambience of a Vegas nightclub to get you revved up inside.

Bar 46

How about hanging on a sofa right there in the middle of the Fremont Street foot traffic. People watching gets very up close and personal when you are lounging around the fire pit in front of the Golden Nugget. This is just like pulling up your lazy boy to watch the downtown show, except that someone keeps refilling your drink.

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The people watching doesn’t end just because your trip has. The Vegas airport has a number of bars where you can spy on those who have lost that brightness in their eyes, and are still bewildered by what the heck just happened. There’s no better way to end your Vegas stay then eyeballing the departing masses over that one last drink.