Vegaster 7 Desserts & Sweet Treats In Las Vegas

Pretty unbelievable the amount of great seafood in Vegas considering you are in the middle of a desert.  Yet whether from off the shores of Maine, or from the far reaches of Japan the treasurA lot of calories went in to finding the absolute best desserts to be found in Las Vegas. Every restaurant has them, but as we learned, some just put more sweet thought and creativity into the end of your meal. The following list was happily painstakingly put together after weeks of very careful research, so choose from the sea that they get here in Las Vegas are second to none. (so says my tongue) Combine that with the best chefs in the world and you are in for a seafood spectacular when you get to the strip. 

The Vegaster 7: Top 7 Desserts in Las Vegas

Morel’s Steakhouse – Homemade Donuts with Raspberry Jelly

Nestled inside of the Palazzo, Morel’s wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a French steakhouse or bistro so it brilliantly blended the two. The result being an intimate restaurant serving bold steaks alongside 60 distinct farmhouse and artisanal cheeses. And the desserts? Oh my. The choices were downright decadent including hot homemade ice cream squeezed between two mocha macaroons, but in this case fluffy won out. The homemade donuts were light, full of tart jam and sprinkled with just the right amount of sugar. Thinking about getting some to go for the next time I get pulled over. Cost - $10 much cheaper than a speeding ticket.

morels-french-steakhouse vegas.jpg

NOBU – Suntory Whiskey Cappuccino

Ancient Japan had royalty too, and they were dining on teppanyaki. The Caesar’s Palace NOBU location is the chain's largest, serving a delicious array of Japanese inspired masterpieces. Their take on desserts is refreshingly unique, combining light ingredients like meringue with popcorn or hot chocolate with ganache. My favorite was a cool espresso gelato and coffee cream with a toasted almond crunch and a dash of whiskey foam to keep it interesting.  Cost - $14 and now I know why the Samurai were so powerful. 

Burger Bar – Beer Float Paddle

You can’t beat a burger built by a Frenchman. The Shoppes at Mandalay Place is home to Burger Bar, an eclectic and delicious take on what French chef Hubert Keller thinks an American burger should be, exactly the way you want it, with what you want on it. There are two ways to wash down a burger, a shake or beer. Or you can combine them both with a sampling of 5 different beer floats for dessert. Beer and ice cream, yeah I am hooked. Cost - $16.50 for the real finest in French cuisine.

db Brassiere – Chocolate Framboise

db Brassiere is one of the Venetian’s newer restaurants, and it has already made a big impact on the Vegas fine dining scene. French bistro inspired, Daniel Boulud’s concept was named one of the 10 best new restaurants of 2014 by Best of Las Vegas dot com and restaurant of the year by Desert Companion. The entire dessert menu is a trip into the light and creamy, especially with the chocolate framboise. A creamy chocolate mousse with a touch of Bailey’s and raspberry chip gelato top rich chocolate cake, drizzled with raspberry sauce. Oh the humanity. Cost - $14 and well worth every delicious calorie.

Honey Salt – Brown Bag Baked Apple Pie

Honey Salt is just down home, home cooked good eats. Located off the strip on Rampart Blvd, the farm to table inspired menu is well worth the cab fare. Don’t expect meatloaf type home cooking either, Honey Salt is the refined home cooking with organic mushroom risotto and kurobuta pork chops. Dessert on the other hand does conjure images of grandma, especially the warm apple pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Cost - $9 and a phone call home for the nostalgia.

Honey Salt Las Vegas Dessert.jpg

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. – Banana Foster Flambe

A new take on the supper club, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan is a truly unique Vegas experience. And that’s hard to pull off these days. There’s music, there’s a show and then there is the restaurant. Other Las Vegas restaurants do caviar and toast, Rose. Rabbit. Lie does caviar tacos or flatbread. This is one of the few times you’ll have the chance so go with the Banana Foster Flambe for dessert. Served tableside, this is an experience as well as a sweet treat. Cost - $53 but well worth the splurge.

Serendipity 3 – Golden Opulence Sundae

You can’t talk about desserts in Las Vegas without a shout out to the most expensive. Serendipity 3 can be found inside of Caesar’s Palace and is a part of a chain with restaurants in New York and Washington D.C. This ice cream creation is so famous that it held a Guinness World Record at one time. All the hype is for Tahitian vanilla ice cream topped with rich chocolate syrup, candied fruit, edible gold covered almonds, chocolate truffles and marzipan cherries. Oh yeah, and an edible 23 carat gold leaf, gold flakes and sugar paste floral décor. If you want to give this bad boy a whirl, call 2 days ahead so that the dessert Gods can get all the ingredients together. Cost - $1,000 or your monthly house payment. 

Never, ever skip out on dessert after dining in Las Vegas or you will regret it. There are a dozen reasons why it’s called Sin City, and the sinful desserts are just one of them.