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Great App! 

byJimjimma1 - May 19, 2016

The app is very clear, and has links to everything that you will need whilst in Vegas. The team are also very helpful and quick to respond. I will definitely be recommending this app!

Love it!

byDanielle lynne 96 - May 17, 2016

Came across this app when I was planning our day to day plans for our Vegas trip for Billboard Award weekend. It's our first time going to Vegas and my host On the app, Alex, has worked to find us great experiences and offers. Vegaster just made me so much more excited for my college graduation trip to Vegas. Must download


byVane33a - May 16, 2016

Thank you for the most amazing weekend ever!!! Chad and Vegaster are the absolute best!!! No wait, amazing tables, and we were so well taken care of!!!!! Epic weekend!!!!


byJBolsa - Apr 23, 2015

This app is easily worth a subscription fee! The fact that it's free is insane! It's like having a friend living in Vegas who knows all the secrets and responds to your texts immediately! And that friend is also willing to do most of the legwork getting you setup before you arrive! Well done!


byDmo2793 - May 10, 2016

Have used this app now multiple times to book my trips in Vegas and I'm fully convinced this is the way to go. Love how the app organizes your whole trip and sends notifications when you need to arrive so you are not stuck searching for that straggler of the group sitting at the craps table too long. Our groups stuck with the club/pool scene and this app made everything so smooth. I dread all the stress with table.service/cabanas including the tip, tax, table minimums , getting the whole group to chip in etc. This app eliminates all that hassle. Ryan was the main planner/host for us and he was awesome; knew all the ins and outs of each club and helped us see the top DJs and best events all under budget. Really hands on and willing to jump through hoops to ensure you leave happy. Definitely won't step foot in this city without going through Vegaster again.


byThe price is definately Right - Apr 21, 2016

This app has everything you need to plan an amazing trip to Vegas! Clubs, shows, restaurants... Everything! Will definitely be using it again on my next trip! 🍾📱👍🏻


byJTown42 - Apr 13, 2016

This app is ridiculously helpful and amazing. I've submitted questions via the in-app chat at all hours of the day and they're always QUICK with a response. It's like having a close friend who knows everything about Vegas.


byK. Rivera - Jan 20, 2016

The Vegaster team went completely out of their way to make our Vegas experience unforgettable. There was a total of seven girls, and every single girl had one of the best weekends ever in Vegas. The Vegaster team was in contact with us from the beginning for our two reserved tables and even when we were hungry and wanted pizza recommendations. The app is so easy to navigate and makes it simple to split costs of tables and other services between all girls. I will never go to Vegas without using this app first. Whether you need a table, a makeup artist, or just a good place to eat, Vegaster has your back. Thanks guys!!


byAuto Dealership Owner - Aug 28, 2015

This app is awesome! The Host Live Chat is amazing. I've asked random questions and these guys know everything. The closet store to my hotel to what's hit tonight. Got a great bottle service package and it's legit. The even send a receipt and meet you at the venue. I never thought Vegas could be so easy. Using now to plan my next getaway.


by8ig M - Nov 6, 2015

Friendly Live chat & last minute vip guest list placement. Tips & up-to-date information about events & venues. This app will enhance your vegas experience, try it now!


byMediastream13 - Mar 6, 2016

Lightning fast response times, from a real person. These guys are always in the "know." If you're in Las Vegas this is one of the very few apps that you must have!


byBigBurt89 - Feb 29, 2016

Impressed with the suite of tools this has to offer. Esp the live chat! I'm in Vegas often so I'm glad this exists 😃


byCrissy Ruiz - Jan 20, 2016

Extremely impressed and very thankful for this company. Made my trip to Las Vegas run extremely smooth. Great service and well run. Never waited in line for anything. I will definitely be using Vegaster for future trips...Thanks so much guys!


byBduff123456 - Feb 27, 2016

Loved using this during my last trip!! I even had to contact customer support for a question that I had and it was instantaneous.... Texting with a real live person. Thanks vegaster for making my last trip amazing!

As a naturally skeptical person, I was intimidated by the idea of using an app to plan and pay for my Vegas Bachelorette. In the end, it was the BEST decision we made could have made!!!! First, I MUST say thank you to our host Justin who went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make my trip special. Planning and accommodating for 6-8 girls isn’t easy! Justin, had the patience of a saint when it came to deciding what parties we wanted to go to and he ALWAYS HAD OUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND. We made multiple changes to our schedule and he never gave me any flack. His answer was continuously: “whatever you want”-a quality all women want in a man! After plans were set, everything was loaded into the app and personalized with a picture of my group (really cute). The plan entailed all of our party details and exactly what we were paying for. Vegas is an expensive town (cocktails at the bar are $15+)-especially, for “boss ladies” like ourselves who had no interest in humoring Vegas juice heads or working with creepy promotors to get free stuff if we came early and looked hot. If you agree, then I HIGHLY recommend using this service.  Once arriving to the party (a bit late because 6 girls getting ready is a mess), Justin texted me from the venue to ask what we wanted so drinks were there ON ARRIVAL. But not only were the beverages there, once HE PERSONALLY WALKED US INTO THE CLUB, they were in some of the BEST LOCATIONS IN THE CLUB. With all the schedule changes, we joked that “we’d be sitting in the bathroom,” but this was defiantly NOT the case. As the clubs started to fill, we were even more THRILLED to have our own table/daybed to fill with handbags and heels! Vegas is a bottle service town, there is actually no room to stand with friends to chat and dance once club is pumping. Your only options are get your own table or “bottle rat” on someone else’s.  Hence, this app is TRULY WORTH USING. On top of everything about our amazing party experience, this service is great for a few more reasons:

  • Easy to use.

  • Payments are broken up and made via app. Therefore, collecting money from your friends is never an issue.

  • If someone “craps out”(gets too drunk to leave their bed) of their pre-paid party, it won’t change the price for the entire group (which can become pricy) because that’s on them—this is VEGAS BABY!.

  • Lastly, if you’re not sure how many parties you’ll be going to, you can always book 1-2 with your host via the app and then text your host while in Vegas and he can set things up in a snap (worked for us!).

Honestly, I hope this painted a clear picture as to why Vegaster is a GREAT PRODUCT and SERVICE. In fact, we all were told by other girls: “I hope my bachelorette party could be like yours.” So if you’re planning to have an AMAZING Vegas trip, USE VEGASTER and HAVE A BLAST!

                        -Danielle A.

                        Brooklyn, NY

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Tony Schmidt 

Amazing!! Best Vegas app. Helps you plan a trip and keep an itinerary. Was able to get bottle service at Hyde and a discount. A must have.


 Michael Hamilton

    One on one connection that I always seek. Easy to get a response on Facebook, IG even on the app. Have yet to actually use the app for a table or guest list but will be soon


      Kurt Leitinger

      Awesome Vegas App Shows, bottle service, dinner reservations, you name it, you can book just about anything in Vegas with it.


      Edson L 

      Great customer support


      Julian Martinez 

      My go to guys any time I'm in sin city. They always let me know what's hot and where the hottest spots to be are every night we in town!


      Mike Weisse 

      This app is so cool! An absolute must for anyone heading to Sin City!!


      Chris Panjwani 

      The team behind this app is responsive and professional. At first I was wary of using a service like this since there are so many 'promoters' in Vegas and you hear stories of such people just taking extra money and not providing anything you could not otherwise have gotten yourself. This is definitely not the case with Vegaster. We worked with Ryan, who showcased how deep his connections run by getting us in as quickly as possible and finding us the best table locations for our price range/budget. Many things can go wrong in Vegas, this team is a good insurance policy against poorly managed clubs 


      Andy Smith   

      Amazing Good app and the staff are amazingly helpful!! Very knowledgeable and friendly! :)


      Regina Steele   

      After a nightclub and 2 shows Used this app religiously during my last stay. We booked a few shows and a nightclub. Our host was awesome to deal with. We had lots of questions, he had accurate and fast answers! Can't wait to return.


      Eoin Bradley   

      Great support Great support team and informative'll be even better when it 100% online