Location - Within Vegas's Iconic Ceasar’s Palace

Size - Omnia is not only a nightclub but an event's venue. Over 75,000 square foot of space, the multi-use levels are spectacular and unique. A spectacle for the senses, Omnia was built to accommodate the diverse crowds that find themselves in the Fun Capital of the world.

Theme - One of the newest venues to hit the Vegas Strip, no expense was spared making it the most spectacular sensual club in Nevada. From a seductive and intimate lounge to a high-energy stage, the panoramic views abound allow you to feel the energetic pulse of the city all around you.

Layout - There are three various levels to the Omnia that each has their own style and character.

  • Omnia’s Main Room - The main room was designed so there's not bad seat in the house. It has an enormous dance floor with elegant leather seating and mirrors to give the impression that it is boundless. To heat things up a bit, there is a LED chandelier that gives you the thrill of a New Years Eve Time Square's proportion show as it both ascends and descends over the dance floor while changing colors.

  • The Heart of Omnia - The heart of Omnia is a seductive lounge area that is rich with opulence, mirrors, draping velvet layers and antique brass accents, that make you feel like you just walked into the king’s palace. To keep the energy flowing, there are LED high-tech panels that continually change colors. A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle and settle in, it is an excellent mix of comfort with sophistication.

  • Terrace at Omnia - The Terrace is one of the most amazing rooftop garden decks on the Strip. Watch as visitors walk around guests are supplied with panoramic views from every angle. Techno lights, colors, and sounds play off the glass floor tiling, while the DJ and beats overcrowd the small talk. An open-air amphitheater of sorts, it is one of the most astounding points on the Vegas strip.

Special Events - Wild at heart is held on Tuesday. A way to ramp up a mid-week crowd, it is an extravaganza that is the end all be all.

Coolest Features - The technology used to build Omnia is the most interactive to date. Always staying at the perfect temperature, the air conditioning is intuitively designed to interact with the crowd perfectly attuned to conditions. The display screens have built-in motion detectors that react to people as they walk by and keeps everyone and everything in “synch”.

Dress Code - Although not a “suit and tie” establishment, they have very specific rules like no shorts, sandals, athletic shoes, cutoffs, hats, athletic attire, jerseys or baggy jeans. It's a strictly “upscale trend-only” club.

Cover Charge - YES. Ticket range from $40-$125 per person, based on who the act to see is. Calvin Harris, Chainsmokers, Lil Jon & more make Omnia the place to be. Hope on the Vegaster VIP guestlist and get free or reduced VIP entry cost!

VIP Particulars - Vegaster has the inside info on all things VIP. Bottle Service, Guestlist & Hosted Entry.  Tables on the terrece start at around $1000 for up to 8 guests. Heart of Omnia VIP Service will run you anywhere from $3000 (up to 10 guests) to $5000 for the Owners Table (up to 15 people). See the view from above inside the balcony from $3000 to $10,000 (up to 20). Main Room Dance Floor is the cream of the crop. With all great Vegas VIP things, they come at a cost. 3rd Tier will start at $4000 to $8000 (up to 12 people), 2nd Tier for 15 will run you about $5000-$12,000. Dance Floor and Owners Table will make you the center of attention starting at $6000 up to $15,000+. Seeing Calvin Harris is a show, and numbers dictate that. Newest Vegas Ultra Club + Calvin Harris (Highest Paid, Most Desirable DJ) = Big Cash! Don't expect Comps or Free Anything on these night. Omnia is a show, and is well worth it!



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