Nightclubs In Vegas. VIP Bottle Service & Hosted Entry

Vegas Nightclubs set the standard for entertainment. VIP Bottle Service Tables, Hosted Entries, World Renown DJ's & Experiences like no other. Let Vegaster Take Charge of Your Trip. VIP Host Right Where You Want Them:  In The Palm Of Your Hand.

The Las vegas vip NightClub scene:

When the Sun goes down Vegas gets really HOT! With Award Winning Shows, Top Rated Restaurants & $100 Million Dollar Clubs, dressing to the 9's is expected! The nightlife scene in Vegas is intense.There are places that open up at 4 am so you can keep the party going! Where else would you find an After Hours Club?

Thanks to our years of schmoozing all the right people in all the right places you can experience VIP Bottle Service like any high rolling celebrity.  Pick your poison:  Do you want to spend the night sipping champagne or chugging down Cuervo shots? 

You don’t want to be with that group trying to balance their drinks while looking for a place to chill. The line at the bar is just as long as the wait was outside. When you book bottle service you are treated like royalty. No wait at the door and a personal host to escort you to your table. Everyone else will be craning their necks wondering which Hollywood celebrity just brought in their entourage while your drinks are being served. It’s not easy to grease the doorman to get that kind of treatment, which is why you should let Vegaster do it for you. While this is not for everyone, Vegaster helps put in you in control to create your Vegas! Providing you the most up-to-the minute tables available, at the prices you won't find anywhere! Why use a middleman, when you can become the man!

Check out just a couple of Vegaster Top Nightclub Picks!

VIP Bottle Service, VIP Guest List & Tickets, all available right on your VEGASTER app! 

The concierge at your hotel does not know the right people like we do.  Neither does the hustler trying to hawk free VIP passes outside.  Getting you and your friends into the most sought after Nightclubs on the strip is what we do.  Vegaster gets you in touch with the person with the power to get you in and get you a spot right where the action is.  Not sure which party scene is right for your group? Search through our list of happening hot spots and see who has the best availability RIGHT NOW! All of this info packed into one convenient App makes navigating the rambunctious Las Vegas nightclub scene as easy as dialing your mom.

Balla on a budget? We got your back. With “Price Your Party”, the special feature that gets you the fast line to the VIP host.  Lost more than you bargained for at Craps?  Tell the VIP host how much green you have left to spend and let them make you a deal.  No concierge on the strip has the power to pull those kinds of strings, but you will with the Vegaster App in the palm of your hand.

We have Insiders all over the Las Vegas Strip. So know what you want is where you need it! Right on your phone with Vegaster!

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