Location - Located within the ARIA Resort & Casino, Jewel Nightclub is a premier event venue that is a cut above other nightclubs on the Strip. Modern sophistication combined with a unique elegance makes it the perfect place to see your favorite acts live Vegas nightlife-style.

Size - Smaller and more intimate than other venue nightclubs, Jewel is 24,000 square feet of opulence. Using the space wisely, there is a different feel depending on which spot you end up in.

Theme - Just like the name implies, Jewel is all about rarity and uniqueness. From the architectural LED ribbons adorning the ceilings and walls to the rare parquet floors, there is not an expense that was spared making this nightclub gem.

Layout - There are five themed VIP suites that all have various amenities. There is the main room, a dance floor, a DJ booth and VIP sections to sit back and watch the excitement.

  • The Main room - The main room is located above the dance floor so that you can look down on all the. A grand entrance, there are pillars and LED ribbons that crown the ceilings, making the entire club shine.

  • The DJ Booth - Directly behind the DJ booth and located near the dance floor is a wall of light that shifts and changes along with the pulse and beat of the music. Adding electricity to the dance floor, it pulls you in and mesmerizes you.

  • The Dance Floor - The dance floor is full of nightclub goers. Located in the heart of the dance club, it is a place to both see everything and to be seen.

The VIP section - Around the club are various VIP suites that can be reserved ahead of time. An excellent way to form an intimate gathering, or to celebrate a special occasion, don’t be surprised at the celebrities who want to mingle unseen.

Special Events - On any given night there is a famous DJ to be found in the DJ Booth or a live main event music concert. Check out the calendar to see a list of events and make sure to make your reservation early.

Coolest Features - The techno-colored lights that intuitively “dance” with the music is a fascinating accessory to the club. Although a less spacious than average club, it is in the intimate details and uniqueness that you feel as if you are something special.

Dress Code - Although no specific dress code, the club reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who doesn’t meet "upscale" party dress attire. Things that are not permitted are sandals, athletic shoes or clothing, jerseys, hats, cut-offs or shorts. A very high-class establishment, make sure to be “club trendy ready” or you can find yourself getting denied admission.

Cover Charge - Yes, admission starts at $20 for females and $30 for males and increases depending on the particular day, holiday, or event. As always, Vegaster has your DIRECT VIP Guestlist options right on the app. 

VIP Particulars - You can reserve a table ahead of time or sign up for the guest list, but only on designated evenings. Jewel also offers premium nightclub tables that get special VIP treatment. Table prices start at around $1000 and move right up to $10,000.



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