Intrigue Nightclub

Located within the Wynn Hotel, Intrigue is a completely new and modern twist on nightclub sensibilities. A high-energy extravaganza, it may be a small venue, but it packs a lot of punch.


Size -  One of the smaller nightclubs on the famous Vegas Strip, it is 14,000 square foot of wow! An intimate space to party, it definitely caters to a specific clientele.

Theme - The theme of Intrigue is intriguing. The most creative and austere sights and sounds you can imagine, the light and sound quality are state-of-the-art, and the over the top waterfall and light shows are nothing short of extraordinary.

Layout - One of the newest nightclubs to hit the Strip, Intrigue was created for a specific type of nightclub goer. While the rest of Vegas is being immersed in DJ style music, Intrigue has decided to go a different direction both in layout and design. Going for a completely different audience than your standard Vegas club, this venue will be exclusive, catering to only 1,200 guests on any given night.
The entire space is a high-energy dance-ready atmosphere that will feature music from various genres playing back to back. There is a glass enclosed patio that allows patrons to enjoy the outdoors all year round and waterfalls that make you feel surreal. No specific areas, levels or themed rooms, the experience for every guest is the same. The only unique layout is the 1,200 square foot space within the club for intimate parties and get togethers.

Special Events - An event every weekend, some of the biggest musical names frequent the club. Not just DJ events, there are all sorts of intimate shows. Catering to musical tastes across genres, every night is a new musical experiment.

Coolest Features - The coolest feature of Intrigue is that it is like no other club on the Strip. A highly intimate venue, you aren’t just one in the crowd. The 1,200 square foot private room is a completely social media-free zone, which means that what happens at Intrigue stays at Intrigue. Allowing guests complete privacy, it isn’t a nightclub where everything goes, and the world is constantly watching. Truth be told, the waterfall that cuts through the middle of the club is pretty fabulous.

Dress Code - The dress code is “upscale," which means no baggy jeans, athletic wear, gym shoes, t-shirts, sandals or shorts. Strictly enforced, if you aren’t deemed "dressed appropriately," you can be denied entrance.

Cover Charge - The cover charge ranges from $25 to $45 depending on the event and the day. The average waiting time is anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours. BUT, we have your Free Guestlist options right on Vegaster.

VIP Particulars - Tables from around $500 per 4 guests. Bottles start at $475 and are dependent on the number of guests you have in your group. The good news is that the tables are equally magnificent. There literally isn’t a bad seat in the house. The 1,200 square foot private VIP room is by invitation only, complete with full lounge chairs and tables. Vegaster has some Exclusive Packages with 2 bottles, 4 Waters and 4 Redbulls for $1039 ALL INCLUSIVE. Plus, celebrate your bachelorette with us and get an additional 2 FREE bottles of Champagne! That's 4 Bottles, 4 Waters & 4 Redbulls for only $1039 ALL INCLUSIVE!  



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