Hyde Nightclub

More lounge-like than a nightclub, Hyde is an upscale destination for those seeking to hide and enjoy a refined evening in Vegas

Location – Overlooking the stunning Bellagio Fountains from inside the hotel

Party Nights – Hyde opens at 5 P.M. every night of the week, staying up to 3 A.M. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and calling midnight a night on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

Highlighted DJs* -

  • DJ Ikon

  • DJ D-Miles

  • Joe Maz

  • Jaceone

  • Joe Jonas

  • Travis Barker LIVE

  • Bryan – Michael Cox

  • Konflikt

  • DJ Karma

  • DJ Skratchy

  • DJ Crooked

*DJ schedules and appearances are booked well in advance, and are subject to change. Check Hyde’s event calendar to get up to date listings on who’s lighting up the dance floor the night you are planning to pass by.

VIP Seating – With no real dance floor to encircle, Hyde’s VIP booths are cozy couches designed for intimate partying. The real view is of the fountains, which can be spotted going off from just about any cushion in the house. The most coveted seat in Hyde can be bought for a mere 250 gees (thats $250,000_, and comes with a gigantic bottle of bubbly and control over the fountains.

Cover Charges – Stop by for an early bite and drink, and you can skip out on the cover which is $30 for the guys and $20 for the ladies, but only after 10 at night.

Theme – Although Hyde is a sophisticated hang out at one of Vegas’ premier hotels, the overall vibe is chilled and laid back. Live music and DJs are featured, but there is no dance floor invading the space. Instead, you are encouraged to sway and move to the various beats anywhere that the spirit moves you. It may even move you outside, where an open terrace invites you to be shocked and awed by the vest view in all of Vegas. Hyde shies away from being your typical Vegas nightclub, which is what makes it so appealing.

What to Wear – Hyde asks guests to dress in upscale fashionable attire, which basically means no sports gear, ripped jeans or baggy pants. This is a club that caters to the sophisticated senses, so you will want to dress up and play the part.

Hyde Nightclub Pricing – As a Vegaster Pick, Hyde tables start at around $550 per 4 guests. Exclusive Packages like our 2 Bottles of Grey Goose will have you parting like a rockstar for less than $1200 ALL INCLUSIVE!

The Final Say – Hyde makes for a great hide out from the boisterous nightclub scene, while still being lively and refreshing. You may not get to dance with the same wild EDM ambition that you do at clubs like Hakkasan or Omnia, but you can always leave that for tomorrow.



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