Vegas Ground Support & VIP Live Host Chat

Your Elite Personal Concierge Specialist. Ground Support Keeps You Playing While We Are Shopping. If You Forget It, We Can Get It!

Did your excitement for Vegas cause you to forget some everyday needs? Vegaster Ground Support is here to keep your trip on track!

What is Vegaster Ground Support? 

Vegaster Ground Support is a team of highly skilled concierge specialist. They keep you from calling downstairs for that cheap razor, or that no-name hair care spray. You brought your very best to Vegas, so do you really want to ruin it with that shave creme/paste thing?  What about that buddy who is not "Club Attire Friendly"? Right from the Vegaster App you can browse highly rated styles & looks, find your size, order and have them delivered right to your hotel in hours! Yeah, you can be "That Guy" who asks his buddies to go to the mall, all while on a hot streak at the Wynn. That girl who needs to borrow everybody's hair straighter because your hair won't cooperate! Get the brands you use, trust and will use again, right to your Hotel. Never interrupt your Vegas Experience! Did you really come to Vegas to go to the mall? If you did, you may as well see a movie while in town too. Ground Support is not only for Clothing and Bathroom needs, but everything Vegas! Want to surprise your wife after her spa treatment with flowers....No Problem! Maybe send your special someone a Pre-Party Kit! We make it easy, right from your phone! Don't miss a beat with the Vegaster Ground Support.

 Ground Support is continuously evolving, so if there is something you need, we will do everything we can to make it happen. Even if it means we walk you back to your room in the wee hours of the morning!