What are the requirements for the Vegaster App? 

Well, First...you must have a non-flipping phone to use. Also must have a name, email and phone number. Oh yeah, being in Vegas will help too, BUT Vegaster was build to Research, Plan and Book anytime!

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost, are you kidding us? Who charges for an app download now in days? We're not giving you extra lives or some gems to build your perfect empire. We are your wing man, and wing women to the ultimate in experiences.

Why Vegaster?

The real question is why not?  Las Vegas is not a trip, it is an experience.  With Vegaster at your fingertips you have instant access to all that’s hot.  We have insider access throughout a network of VIP hosts, who are feeding us up to the minute updates on what’s happening all over the strip. Oh yeah, we also have every show ticket and tour reservations for Vegas available. Looking for a cool bar or the dreaded ATM? Yep, Geo-mapping keeps the day flowing with less time wondering.

Who Are the VIP Hosts?

We like you and all, but that’s hush hush info.  We have been greasing the Las Vegas wheels for a long time so that we can take advantage of their intel.  If we tell you who they are, you won’t need the App.  All you need to know is that they are big brother, watching everything to make your stay in Vegas an awesome one.

What’s All Sync’d?

Good question.  This is for the groups who can’t seem to stick together.  With our technology, everyone in your group is alerted when you all are supposed to be somewhere.  It’s not cool to book VIP bottle service and then show up late, or with half your entourage MIA.  Ever take that 7pm "nap" and miss your dinner reservation? We have and we're TRYING to keep that from happening to you. Sometimes sleep is very important, but so is your Vegas vacation. All Sync’d makes sure that even the guy who got lost with some girl will show up on time.

MY Trip SYNC is super cool. Just email us your travel itinerary (Travel@Vegaster.com) and we'll load the app up with that info. Flights, Hotel, Transportation, everything. Even the things you did not book from us!

What Does Ground Support Do?

What doesn't it do?  Vegaster Ground Support gets you whatever your little heart desires day or night.  This is the real concierge taking care of your every need and whim.  Forgot to bring your favorite shampoo?  Let us know and we will get it for you.  Buddy who only packed tennis shoes?  Browse through the App, pick the right shoes to get into the club and have them delivered within hours.  Even beyond these "oops I forgot my" things, Ground Support is your personal Vegas Host. Need help securing a reservations for a very specific time? How about the wife need a new hairdo for the night ahead? Luxury transportation, cant find my show tickets, "is Fremont Street still cool to visit", heck ask us about the best pizza in town. We are here to help! The only thing Ground Support can’t get you is, well the over/under of the first quarter Lions @ Cardinals score.

How Does Price Your Party Work?

Not everyone is in town blowing an inheritance.  We know you have a budget so we created a feature that gives you direct access to Top Venues.  You tell them what you have to spend and they TRY and hook up the VIP table to fit your wallet.  When we say TRY we mean, let's be honest, $267.43 is nothing to throw away, but getting a bottle at a top rated venue? Probably not gonna happen. We have however seen tables at 12am start at $4,000 and end the night at a cool $2000. Right time, right moment, right budget. Get the team together and Price Your Party.  No worries about being short on cash to pay the bill at the end of the night. Unless of course you decide to go hog wild and start buying up bottles of Dom. Remember, the Venue has your credit card on file, party wisely.

Can Vegaster give me directions?

Does a bear… Come on now, of course we do, and then some.  We can tell you the quickest route to your destination, how long it should take, and where there are cool places to stop along the way.  We can even tell you where the nearest ATM is and bathrooms.  Vegaster can map out your entire journey down the boulevard so that even getting from point A to point B is an adventure.

How Trendy Are Your Trending Hot Spots?

Have we mentioned that we have eyes and ears everywhere?  Go ahead and ask the guy at the hotel where the best sports bar.  We bet our app he’s going to tell you the one owned by his bosses.  We are the bosses so we keep it real and tell you the truth, not what we are being paid to tell you.

Have any other questions you would like to ask? Just send us a quick note and we will get right on it!

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