Location – Vegas’ own version of the “City of Light” has placed a romantic Chateau on their rooftop. This revolutionary nightclub takes up 2 top stories of the Paris Hotel, and puts you right in line with their Eiffel Tower.

Party Nights – Chateau Nightclub is open on Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to 4 A.M. They also host an industry night on Wednesdays at the same time.

Doin’ the Spinnin’* - Paris isn’t into bringing in big name resident DJs to their Chateau. They rely on a select few and some special appearances from master mixers like:

  • DJ KoKo

  • Emeryld

  • DJ Knock

  • DJ Presto One

  • DJ Butch

  • DJ ShadowReD

  • DJ Wellman

  • DJ Drama

  • DJ P-Jay

*The featured DJ will change from one night to the next, so it always a good idea to check the Chateau calendar of events if you have your heart set on getting groovy with one in particular.

VIP Seating – Special VIP booths and bottle service can be reserved for both Terrace Garden and inside Chateau. Book your table in advance to ensure you have a cozy spot to get cozy with cuties in.

Cover Charges – Girls only pay $20 for entry while guys fork out $30 bucks to get in. Industry night is a free for all who are able to provide local ID. Admission charges may change for special events or holidays without notice.

Vegaster Exclusive Guestlist: Ladies can enjoy FREE Entry PLUS 2 Free Drink Coupon with reservations on Vegaster. See app for more details. 

Theme – From the Chateau Gardens Rooftop right up to the scintillating nightclub, you get the taste and feel of French aristocracy. The first floor garden area is stunning, looking out over the Bellagio fountains in their splendid glory. The inside of Chateau is reminiscent of a lavish party being thrown by Marie Antoinette, where the only thing lacking is your own piece of cake. Old world French styling is definitely dripping from the chandeliers, but with some very modern touches that makes it all blend beautifully together. And if you decide you need a break from the crowd, you can always make your way back down the spiral staircase to the open garden below.

What to Wear – Gentlemen must play the part and show up in a button up shirt with collar and their best dress shoes. The dress code is upscale and dressy, so forget about those holey jeans or Converse.

Chateau Nightclub Pricing – This is a GREAT budget friendly nightclub. When you want to party and have a great time, we can lock you in on 2 Bottle Packages starting at $749 ALL INCLUSIVE. Huge packages that include 1 Magnum of Belvedere and 2 Bottle of Veuve for only $1785 ALL INCLUSIVE, up to 12 guests. That's less than $150 PER PERSON!

The Last Word – It remains a mystery why Chateau and its Terrace Garden does not get the public respect and attention it deserves. The vibe is classy but not at all uptight, and well worth a visit the next time you’re around. Vegaster Pick for a great Las Vegas VIP Time!



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