Your Vegas Thrill Ride – SunBuggy Fun Rentals

It’s hard to imagine that something with a name like “sunbuggy” can make your heart pound and palms sweat, yet this is one of the most exhilarating rides in Vegas. Encased in an open topped dune buggy, you rip across the desert, taking on this rough terrain with supposed expertise.

SunBuggy Fun Rentals provides you with the same off-road touring opportunities that you see on TV. With a variety of package deals to choose from, you can leisurely traverse the desert sands, or race at high speeds against other off-road adventure seekers.

Vegas Dunes Tour – If you are looking for a different way to take in the desert sights, the Vegas Dunes Tour gives you 30 minutes to do so. The slower pace of this adventure allows you to take out one of the larger buggies and drive over the sands with up to six of your closest friends. You can ride along with a guide who’ll point out the major attractions, or you can take it on by yourself and follow along in your own buggy.

Valley of Fire Tour – This award winning tour takes you into the Valley of Fire, a breathtaking experience known the world over for its incredible rock formations and red sand. SunBuggy is the only tour company allowed to offer this type of ride into the fragile desert, where you just may encounter some wildlife on your way. The tour runs through the Logandale Trail System, which is by far the most picturesque part of the valley. This is a long tour, at least three hours, so be sure to bring along some snacks.

Mini Baja Chase – This is not a tour but a race across the desert. Your job is to chase an expert buggy driver across the sand, who will only slow down if you are having trouble keeping up. Buggies are custom built to handle the dunes, gravel and hills you will encounter, but with total control you choose how fast (or slow) you are comfortable when taking on this chase.

Amargosa Big Dunes – Take four hours out of your Vegas day and explore the big dunes of the desert. The Amargosa Big Dunes take you up over 500 feet in height, giving you an incredible view of the valley below. Got a things for aliens? Drive over to the east a bit and you will have a close encounter with armed guards protecting Area 51. With this tour you are free to roam once you get a quick lesson from one of the experts.

This is just one drop of sand in the number of tour packages and adventure that is in store for you when you book a day with SunBuggy Fun Rentals. Vegaster is here to help you choose the thrill ride that will make your trip one you’ll never forget.