Butler’s, Burgers and Booze- Where I’d Drop the Dough if I Hit it Big in Vegas

Admit it, more than once you’ve dropped a token in a slot machine and fantasized about a big win. Or maybe you put it all down on 00 at the round devil and dreamt about that Ferrari. No matter what your gambling pleasure, we all have the money spent before the cards are even dealt. So let’s just say for chips and giggles I did win big during my next rendezvous at the craps table (and by big we are talking millions) this is my game plan for the next few days in Vegas:

First I would say goodbye to my room and hello to my villa. And for me the best place for that is at the Bellagio. Who doesn’t need 5 bathrooms, a sauna, massage room and a butler? There are only 9 of these pleasure domes inside of the Bellagio, each with their own gym, fireplaces, terrace and pool-whirlpool. At only $8000 a night and a cool mil in my pocket, I’ll keep that butler for at least a week.

With all of the 5 stars being thrown around at Vegas restaurants, picking a place to eat is going to be tough. Of course, I would have to order the $777 burger at Le Burger Brassiere at Paris just because I can, but how about one of Tom Colicchio’s Australian Wagyu and lobster combos for $295. Craftsteak at the MGM Grand has such an enticing selection of steaks that I could probably eat there every night and never get bored.

I could also never get bored at Serendipity 3 for dessert with their $1000 sundae. Caesar’s is the hotel meant for the Gods, and this gold covered bowl of ice cream is the reason why.

With this much dough in my pocket, I imagine the VIP hosts at LiFE, Drai’s and even the new Omnia will be begging me to let them roll out the red carpet, but I have a thing for the Bellagio and would rather blow the wad at Hyde. The other clubs may have the Calvin’s and the Afrojack’s going for them, but no one has a VIP spot out on the terrace on top of the fountains. Plus you get to pick the music that entertains all those wanna-be-me’s out on the street. The $250,000 VIP package at Hyde is the ultimate splurge, and you can toast to that with your 30 liter bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne.

Just think of all those crazy things you could do in Vegas if money were not an option. I know I’d go on a massive shopping spree at the Forum Shops, order the most expensive French lunch at Restaurant Guy Savoy and then do a few laps at the speedway in a Lamborghini. Once the sky is no longer the limit, there is suddenly a "shipload" of things to do in Vegas.

We all know that all it takes is “a dollar and a dream” and in Vegas as your backdrop that dream can include the stars. So now that I've shown you mine, why not share yours with us?