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The Hakkasan Las Vegas:  Where Fantasies are Indulged.

So… You just won the mega million jackpot and aren’t sure where to celebrate?  Hit the strip and drop a cool half mil on the most expensive VIP bottle service on the planet.  Only in Vegas could it be that easy to blow that much in just one night, and the place to do it is at the swanky Hakkasan Nightclub located inside the MGM Grand.

If you know anything about the Hakkasan brand, then this super indulgent VIP bottle service should come as no surprise.  This 5 story super nightclub takes all of the Las Vegas party scene clichés and pushes them to a new stratosphere.  The first 2 stories are an intimate Cantonese restaurant, operated by Michelin recognized chef Ho Chee Boon. Level 3 is the Ling Ling Lounge, catering to those who covet more privacy as they get pampered with VIP bottle service in a relaxed atmosphere.  Levels 4 and 5?  That’s where the party’s at.

Hakkasan  Las Vegas. Ling Ling Room

Hakkasan Las Vegas. Ling Ling Room

The Hakkasan nightclub takes up a full two floors of this spectacular space.  The main floor features a state of the art DJ booth strategically placed to allow you to see it from any corner of this massive room.  There is even another club within the club, right off of the main floor, called the Pavilion.  This is an extension of the Hakkasan club, but with its own bar and DJ booth can also run independently.  The décor is a more outside, oriental garden feel complete with a breathtaking, 2 story water feature.  Both the main floor and the Pavilion are furnished with plush booths placed in full view of the dance floor antics, perfect to sit back and show off your VIP status with personal bottle service.

The perfect DJ booth view, from every angle.

The perfect DJ booth view, from every angle.

The high roller who is shelling out half a mil for VIP bottle service is on the 5th floor.  This is how his night is going:  He and his entourage of the most scantily clad babes you can imagine were met at the door and personally escorted to the mezzanine.  They are now basking in the luxury of a semi-private room, delighting in an unobstructed view of the action going on below them. On his table is the equivalent of 109 bottles of Armand de Brignac’s cuvee Brut Gold Champagne.  He does have a lot of thirsty ladies to think about. This Dynastie Collection is actually served in an array of 9 distinct bottles varying in size from the 30 liter Midas to the purse sized 750 milliliter Boutelille, each one embellished with the famous pewter Ace of Spades.  The high rollers team of personal VIP hosts and wait staff are busy pouring rounds for his guests as the bodyguards work to keep the undesirables out.  He’s just sitting back in his plush, oversized booth with each arm curled around a hottie while a third is pouring the best champagne on earth into his mouth.  What’s he thinking?  “That's the best $500 G’s I’ve ever spent!”

A little something for  everyone's   taste.

A little something for everyone's taste.

You don’t have to be the Prince of Whales or a Parisian Princess to get VIP bottle service at Hakkasan.  There are other packages available and pricing will depend on who’s in the DJ booth that night and the location of your table.  Vegaster will hook you up with the right VIP host to get you and your own entourage the best available offer out there. You may not be the latest mega millions winner, but VIP bottle service at Hakkasan will make you feel like you are. 

Insider Pricing right here folks:

Calvin Harris fans will need to break open the piggy back for this one! We are hearing tables for this party are starting at $4000 and could reach a cool $15,000! Yeah, chump change for the Vegaster that hit the Lions Share at MGM earlier today or did they? Too rich for your taste? Maybe split that table to Harwell and grab a 3rd Tier for around $6000 to $7000. Get a couple of buddies together and drop around $10G's for the Stage Table. Be seen!