What’s Hot in Vegas for the Cool February?

Is There a Big Game in February?

Superbowl 49 is on the first of the month this year, and the perfect reason to get the heck out of your snow lodge and settled into a cozy sportsbook in Vegas that weekend. As far as party weekends go, this is one of the biggies in Vegas, and an absolute sure bet to blow those blues away.

Or Some Type of Romantic Holiday I Should Know About?

Of course, there is always the option of hitting two birds with one stone and making it a Valentine’s day surprise for your honey.  That’s on you buddy, but if you are going this route, think about booking now. A lot of guys have that same cabin fever as you do, and the date falls on a weekend, so it will be a busy one.

If you have plans on getting down on one knee (and not because you dropped a chip under the blackjack table) look into the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower as the spot to get the job done. Hundreds of guys are making their marriage pitch here each year, and with a view like that, are getting great results.

No, No, No! I Want to GET AWAY…

Or you can escape the cold and the old B&C by flying solo for one of the many special events going on in Vegas in February. Folks, we got music, we got comedy, and we even have a bit of reality taking stage in February.

February 1st: Ironically, on one of the manliest days of the year, the most un-manliest of men will be bringing his hit reality show, and all it’s queens to the Mandalay Bays House of Blues. RuPaul’s Drag Race is starting its infamous Battle of the Seasons Tour in Vegas, and if you know anything about that show, then you know that anything is bound to happen.

February 3rd to the 15th: The aging king of shiny tight pants will be performing live at Caesar’s for a limited run. Rod Stewart had been thrilling fans for decades with a line up of music that never gets old.

February 5th: The Orleans Hotel will be showcasing the crowd pleasing Harlem Globetrotters for one night.

February 7th: Another big name reality show is taking over the Venetian Hotel for a one night stop on their live tour. The ABC hit Dancing With the Stars has taken to the streets, and has included the strip in its plans for 2015.

February 14th: Looking to find the dark side of Valentine’s Day? Book tickets to the House of Blues and get the love scared right outta you by Marilyn Manson.

February 15th: It may be a day late, but Engelbert Humperdinck at the Smith Center will get your Valentine’s heart all a flutter.

February 21st: Iconic rockster Billy Idol will be putting on his hits at the Cosmopolitan.

February 25to the 28th: For three nights, the Hard Rock is going to get Hard Country when Rascal Flatts graces their stage.

February 20 & 21st: The Mirage wants you to find something to laugh about in February, so they are presenting Ray Romano and David Spade together for two nights.

February 28th: And if those guys don’t make you laugh, book your trip a week later to see late night extraordinaire Jay Leno up close and personal.

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