What Your Poison Pick is Saying About Your Party Personality

Booking VIP table service at a club means choosing your liquor by the bottle. Think this through, as what you pick is saying a lot about the type of partier you are.

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“I’m gonna’ be the life of this party for about ten minutes, and then I’m gonna start breaking things”

While it is sold by the case load, the truth is, (and no offense here) Tequila has no place coming north of the Mexican border. It must be something in the air. Even the “good” stuff like Patron can make very smart people do very stupid things.

Order up a bottle of tequila for your VIP table only if you are ready to rumble.


“Look at me, I’m a VIP, Just Like P-D”

Always considered to be the “gentleman’s drink” ordering a bottle of good whiskey like Johnnie Walker makes a very good impression on your table. That is until about the 3rd bottle or so, when civility is suddenly lost and mayhem usually ends up on the dance floor.

Whiskey for your VIP thing adds authenticity to the night, but only if you drink like a gentleman.


“I wanna get stupid drunk and then pass out on the pavement”

Rum is fun, and easy to drink in large quantities in a very short period of time. Especially the super sweet like Malibu. This is why the rum drinkers are the ones who end up passed out at the table long before the party is over.

 Only order rum for the table if you plan on getting to the club late and leaving early.

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“I know what I am doing. I am going to get slow steady drunk and party ‘til sun up”

Vodka is one of the few bottle choices that will actually let you make it to the pool party the next day. The guys drinking vodka are the ones who get the girl ‘cause their not stupid slobbering drunk. Just the right amount of inhibitions are exposed to keep you going all night without feeling much pain in the morning.

This is the drink of choice, if you are looking to make the most of your entire Vegas trip.

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“I have no idea what I’m doing, but my dad has this back home”

Just one word sums up that choice.. Why? Gin is for people who like to punish themselves by pretending to actually like the way alcohol tastes.

The only time you want to order gin for your table is if you are out clubbing with people you hate.

Bourbon or Scotch

“I am a heat seeking missile with one target, any girl in a short skirt”

This is the “I mean business” bottle for the VIP table. The bourbon and scotch drinkers don’t hunt in packs, instead they have the confidence to show their swag solo. Nothing will stand in their way of getting the girl and getting her back to the hotel, which usually ends in a big disappointment in the morning.

There is no classy way to say this, but if your table is looking to score bourbon will win you points.


“I’m in the wrong place”

Nope! Just don't do it


“Chicks dig it, and I like the light show”

This is never the center of any bottle service party. Yes, the pretty light show everyone "Hey, look at me", but remember those bottles go fast. Getting the attention of the club can be considered territorial. Once you start this bottle poppin' these, just watch for the guy with the biggest wallet to 1 up the you!

Ordering this bottle is great to toast this celebration. Just don't let it go to your head.

The real truth is you’re in Vegas to have a good time. So when picking the booze for the VIP table, make sure its one that will let you do that.