Speedos, Sunscreen, and Sandals Oh My! What to Wear to a Vegas Pool Party

In a city where the nightclub dress code is less is more for the ladies, and urban chic for the guys you would think that a pool party is going to be just a lot less of the same. Not true grasshopper. Show up at the door in the wrong bikini or flip flops, and you’ll be sipping your mai tai in the lobby bar.

Unlike nightclubs which take off after dark, a Vegas day club is right out there during peak tourist time. You know when mom is taking Timmy for an ice cream cone, or grandma is on the way to blow her social security on the slots. So while the hotel is happy to oblige you showing some skin, you will be traipsing through lobbies or standing outside their doors, and they don’t want gramps to have heart palpitations. So to get in, you are going to have to cover up.

The Right Gear to Get into a Las Vegas Beach Club

Guys you finally get the chance to wear a t-shirt in Vegas. Just make sure that it is not your favorite t-shirt that you play hoops in back home. I should fit right, look good and be free of any sweat stains. Splurge 15 bucks at the GAP and buy a new one if you have to. Boardshorts are pretty much the only bottoms that will get you in. Cut-offs or gym shorts are going to get you that bouncer head shake. As for your feet, play it safe and wear boat shoes, sandals or flip flops, but for the love of pete, don’t wear socks. If you feel the urge to pair socks with sandals you may as well join Grandma at the Wheel of Fortune.

Now ladies, to get into the pool party go ahead and put on your hottest bikini, and then cover it up. Many of the high-end pool parties like Wet or Marquee are now making it a rule that the girls need to have on a wrap or sundress. And they like heels, so leave the flip flops for the gym. Yes you are going to a pool, but it’s in Vegas. Put on some makeup, do your hair and don a bit of bling cause this is not a pool party like they throw at home.

Once Inside the Vegas Pool Party

It’s a good thing you went VIP with Vegaster and rented that cabana ‘cause now you need a spot to put all those extra clothes. Or if not, some clubs have lockers where you can stash a comb, extra lip gloss and your suntan oil. Now is the time where it is okay to traipse around in a speedo (but please don’t) and bikini (please do) just make sure that it is not a G-string or see through. And if you brought a mankini to Vegas… well just turn around and go back where you came from.

Should You Gussy Up for a Pool Party?

Vegas virgins sometimes get the impression that if they wear their nightclub gear to the Dayclub, they’ll be good to go. So not true. A bouncer is going to give the big thumbs down to pants, party dresses and shoes.

If you think you may have gone overboard on your pool club ensemble, or even under board, give a shout out to Vegaster ground support. They know just the right shops to get you past the Vegas pool club dress code and into the action.

Pool season in Vegas is upon us friends, when the heat gets turned up to sizzling. Don’t miss out on your chance to dress and impress this season at the best pool parties on the planet.

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