What NOT to do When Gambling in Vegas

Gambling may not be the biggest draw to Vegas anymore, but it’s still a must-do at least once while you’re here. A big casino floor can be intimidating to a newbie, and bring out our worst traits, but you should be fine if you steer clear of any of these:

Play a Game You Have no Clue How to Win

If you plan on trying your luck at a table game, at least learn the basics first. Not only etiquettes like how to join a table, but you know… the rules of the game. No one looks more like a chump than that guy who thinks his full house trumps four of a kind. 

Baccarat! Vegaster Tip...We have no clue how to play!

Baccarat! Vegaster Tip...We have no clue how to play!

Change a 100 When You Can Only Afford to Lose 20

Hope is not a strategy, especially when gambling with money you can’t afford to lose. Budget how much have to play with, and stick to it, or be prepared to thumb it home.


Okay, so maybe you are that one in a million (or whatever the odds are) guy who did just clean up at craps. Don’t go pissing off the other 999,999 gamblers who didn’t by doing the happy-happy joy-joy dance on the casino floor. Humbly cash out your winnings and treat your friends to bottle service at a Vegas nightclub. Or keep going at the craps table, and join that 999,999 in the long run.

Vegas is full of winners and losers, try and stay a winner. 

Vegas is full of winners and losers, try and stay a winner. 

Be a Sore Loser

And when you do lose, lose gracefully. These are games after all and if you followed our earlier advice about gambling what you can afford, there are no life or death moves since you’re playing for fun.

Forget to Tip

This is a biggie. Win or lose, you should always tip your dealer and the cute cocktail waitress bringing you your free drinks. Of course if you do win, tip big, but never ever gamble away the money you’ve set aside for the service.

Impersonate Joe Pesci

Or any other Vegas movie character. It’s just annoying and distracting to the other players around you. While we’re at it, also avoid belting out “Vegas Baby”, “Whatever happens…” or any other over-used cliché that makes you stand out as a tourist.

It's a fine line between funny and annoying!

It's a fine line between funny and annoying!

Play to Pick up Chicks

If you do end up with a stack of chips in front of don’t be surprised if an unknown lady or two doesn’t end up at your side. These are likely not “nice girls” who you’ll end up trading digits with, but rather girls who will take your winnings as payment in the morning.

So long as you show respect for the casino employees, other players and yourself, spending some time on the casino floor will be a thrill ride in itself. Just treat it like any other Vegas expense and you won’t go home feeling like the biggest loser.