What Gives You Bragging Rights in Vegas?

We already know that Vegas is over the top, covering all the biggest, bestest and mostest lists out there. Almost to the point where there is not much story to tell (that can be told) after your 5th trip to the strip. But look hard enough and you are going to discover that there are still bits of Vegas that are impossible to beat. Nabbing those once in a lifetime seats, or getting into that 5 star restaurant will give you that edge over everyone else.

Want something to brag about Monday morning? Spend your Saturday doing one of these:

Get Rowdy in a Rehab Grand Cabana – If you really want to pool party like a rockstar, it has to be done in The Hard Rock’s Rehab and it has to be a Grand Cabana. Lily pads are for ladies, and pool beds are played, but go grand and you’ll never go back. Plush couches, open view of the pool, TV and a blurry of maidens keeping your drink tray full? You’ll be telling this story to your grandkids one day.

Cut Your Teeth on a Steak at Cut – So long as you don’t mind a steak never living up to your expectation again, Wolfgang Puck’s Cut inside of the Palazzo is truly a cut above the rest. You’ve already tried every burger in town, and sampled each buffet, but what guy doesn’t want to brag that he had a Wagyu beef rib eye that came straight from Japan? When you want top-class dining that gives you something to talk, cut into some banging beef at Cut.

Be Blown Away at an XS DJ Booth Table- When you really want bragging rights, you have to do Vegas in excess. And nothing is more excessive than stirring your martini from the comfort of a croc skin covered couch. The VIP booths at the Encore’s XS night club are killer, especially those up front and personal with the DJ booth. Just imagine telling your friends how Kaskade or Zedd was so close that you could smell his breath. Get in touch with your Vegaster Host to get the skinny on how to book one of these VIP tables.

Be a VIP Bitch For Britney – There are front row concert seats, and then there are VIP front row concert seats. My mom can tell you had she saw Britney play at the Garden 15 years ago, but she didn’t get bitch-slapped. When you get VIP tickets for Britney Spears live show at Planet Hollywood's Axis theater, you get to meet the star, you get a picture with her and a bunch of free stuff, and you are so close to the stage that she just might pull up on it. True story. If you want to stand around the water cooler on Monday and tell the story of the time Britney Spears led you around by a dog leash, go VIP at her next show.

There are dozens of one of a kind experiences that can only be found in Vegas. When you want that little extra something-something to brag about, Vegaster can give push you in the right direction. Hit up your host on the LIVE Chat to set up the Ultimate Vegas Vacation!