Waiting in the Wings

Guys are not the only ones who need some wings when trying to hook up. Ladies should be teaming up too, taking stock of the battlefield and helping each other meet that perfect catch. Girls, if your next big night out is happening in Vegas pick your wing-woman now and plan your attack.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

If you like ‘em talk dark and handsome, look for the friend who goes ga-ga for blondies. Muscle-men turn you on? Your wing-girl girl should be into geeks. The worst scenario you can set yourself up for is having a wing with the same tastes in guys. If the same guy does happen to catch both of your eyes, flip for him, but the loser gets dibs at the pool party tomorrow. Or agree that he is off limits and move on to other prey.

Look For Pairs

To make things easier for both of you, look for 2 guys (or 3 if you are a wing trio) that are chilling out together. Better still if they have the hook up with a posh VIP table. Starting off as a small party helps to break the ice and let everyone get to know each other. These types of situations may mean that once in a while you get stuck chatting up a guy who is not your style. Take it like a pro and remember that your turn will come tomorrow.

What is the Wing Woman’s Job?

As a wing woman you have a number of very important duties. First and foremost is making sure your gal pal gets a chance to chat up a guy she thinks is hot. You may need to help this along by “accidentally” bumping into him or asking him a question about the club. Just don’t be 10th grade and walk up announcing that your friend thinks he’s cute.

You may also need to stick around and keep the conversation going until your friend feels comfortable. Don’t monopolize it, this is for her, but maybe casually mention how she just got her PhD or that the color of her Jag is the exact same as his shirt. Anything that will turn the attention to her and keep it there.

If you start to get that “I’m into you” vibe from your BFF’s boy, back away gracefully. Take a long pee break, and never go back. The worst thing that you can do is feed into it, and embarrass your friend.

Above all else, wing-women need to have each other’s back. Sorry to say it, but not even Vegas is free of sleaze balls. Watch out for her getting too drunk and too Loosey Lucy too fast. Trust your gut. If the guy is giving you the heeby jeebies, take that pee break with your friend in tow, and don’t look back. Don’t let her go off with someone unless you know for sure she is in the right mind to know what she is doing, and you know where she is going. Have safe phrases set up before hand so that she can discreetly clue you in if she isn’t feel right about the guy.