Turn the Vegas Vacation into an Italian Getaway

As a way of competing with the rest of the world as a vacation hot spot, Las Vegas brings the world to its strip.  In one city you can view the NY skyline, climb the Eifel Tower and spend the night in a Roman palace.  Most amazing by far is the Venetian and the Palazzo Resorts/Hotels and Casinos and your Italian excursion when you visit them.

Take a break for a little gondola  stroll . 

Take a break for a little gondola stroll

The Venetian and Palazzo are sister hotels on the Blvd connected by The Grand Canal Shoppes.  Also a part of the complex is the Sands Expo and Convention Center, making this one of the largest hotel and convention complexes in the world.  Each hotel has a unique Italian flair in their décor and boasts its own list of five star restaurants and first class amenities that are interchangeable between the two.

What’s For Dinner?

Among the hotels and the Grand Shoppes there are over 20 different restaurants to choose from.  You can devour filet mignon at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT Las Vegas, inside of the Shoppes or continue the Italian fantasy with homemade rigatoni and spicy vodka sauce at Canaletto inside of the Venetian.  The resort contains such an abundance of dining choices that even the most finicky of guests will find something that can please the palate.

Canaletto Las Vegas

Canaletto Las Vegas

Where’s the Party?

There are a variety of laid back lounges inside both the Venetian and Palazzo, including the hip Fusion Latin Mixology Bar and upscale Zebra Lounge.  The gyrating takes place inside the Venetian at TAO Nightclub.  Voyeur models await you inside one of the most popular night spots in all of Vegas.  Expect a big crowd, so if you want to guarantee getting in and having a spot to chill have Vegaster hook you up with a host.  VIP bottle service at TAO can start as low as $425, so if you plan your party right, you can do if from your own VIP table right in the middle of the melee

Vegaster Tip: Vegaster Direct Connects you with a host!

Vegaster Tip: Vegaster Direct Connects you with a host!

During the week, the sophisticated pool area at the Venetian is a haven for travelers wanting to relax and catch some rays with or without their top down.  On the weekends it transforms into TAO Beach, a high energy pool party set to the beat of pop and hip hop music. The party is just as hot at TAO but a tad smaller than other Vegas pool parties so you are going to need to book a cabana or bungalow if you want to have some space.  Bottle prices start in the $500 range, so get together a group of buddies and go for it.

Am I Still in Vegas?

Staying at the Venetian and Palazzo is like stepping onto another continent.  The best of Italy is brought to life with strolling performers, Italian pastry shops and yes, even a canal.  Your stay would not be complete without at least one 10 minute glide down the canal that traverses through the Venetian.  Your gondolier sings as he paddles you along in a majestic gondola.  There is nothing else in the world quite like this that doesn’t involve getting your passport stamped.

Once in a lifetime gondola ride...indoors.

Once in a lifetime gondola ride...indoors.

The Venetian and Palazzo hotels are a true resort experience in an opulent European atmosphere that whisks you away to another land.  The next time you are in town indulge in the resort that brings Italy to Las Vegas