The Inside Skinny on Who, When and How Much to Tip in Vegas

Whether you are flying high on that tax refund check or ballin’ Vegas on a budget, you can never forget that tipping is a big deal on and off the strip. From the second you get off of the plane there will be people around you whose only interest is in making sure that your desires are covered. These are service-industry based peeps, who rely heavily on your tips to make it from one month to the next.

This is a short list of who will have to tip in Vegas and approximately how much so that you don’t come off as a Vegas chump:

The Taxi and Limo Driver – The base tip for any driver is 10% of your total fare or cost. If he or she helped get your bags inside the trunk, pointed out some sights or gave you a heads-up on the best Happy Hour for the night, than up that to 15% or 20%.

The Uber & Lyft Driver - Who doesn't love the On Demand Cash-less Transportation economy. *See uber & lyft own help centers about tips and tipping. 

The Bellman - $1 per bag is considered normal, but never give less than $2. You should also think about the size and weight of your bags before handing over those two Washingtons. Switch that to a Lincoln if your bags are heavier or larger than normal.

The Cocktail Waitress and Bartender – You will be treated to free drinks on the casino floor, but still have to tip the waitress carrying them over. A buck a glass is a great deal, considering the booze is free, but if you are on a winning streak make sure you drop an extra ten to keep it going.

The House Dealer – Win or lose, you should still tip your dealer. This is usually based on how long you sat with them, and you should hand over $5 for each hour but never less than $5, even if you only sat through 2 hands. Of course if you leave on a really good roll, then you should double that amount at the very least.

VIP Host and Servers – If you’ve used Vegasters' All Inclusive Offers, you already know gratuity is built right in. If you did not, shame on you...BUT a $100 is your base, but you should hand over a couple more if your VIP table is really off the chain or they have hooked you up with a great drink deal. Your VIP server should get at least 20% of your total bill or more if they were on point with bringing you ice, fresh glasses and extra olives. *Be sure to check your bill before you hand over more cash. Gratuity is typically added tot he bill total.

Your On Demand In City Expert Vegaster Host -  Love Him or Her? Flip them a few!

Dayclub/Pool Party or Nightclub Security -  They are here to keep you safe, or you'll be sorry. $5-10 will get your lady escorted to and from the bathroom. $20 help keep you and your belonging safe. $50 can help bring some guests to your table to party with. $100 MIGHT save your drunk buddy from being thrown out as quickly. Remember these guys have a ton to watch and do. make your impression early and often. Nothing is guaranteed, but it's better to hand over a $50 to security for nothing than losing on red 23. 

In-Room Housekeeping – It’s not as if magic elves are sneaking into your room while you’re out to bring fresh towels and fluff the pillows. Your hotel maids work their butts off to keep your room clean and you comfy. If you pretty much behaved yourself, leave $5 for each night on the dresser when you leave. If things got out of a hand a few times, make it $10. If you really want those extra towels and shampoos when you need them, leave a pre-tip on the dresser your first day.

Valet Driver - Love your paint job? $5 -$10. Looking for that exclusive front VIP spot? Part way with a $50. 

If you are of the mindset that you can skimp on the tips and spend more at the slots, than Vegas is not for you. The men and women who work to make your stay perfect deserve to see some green for the effort.

On behalf of everyone in the Vegaster Industry Family, we thank you for your gratuity. We assure you, they never go unnoticed.