Vegas is More Than a Little Bit Country

Line dancing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vegas. Unless of course you are into that kind of thing. If foot stomping and dosee-doing is what gets your spurs rollin’ than there is plenty of that for you in Vegas.

Check out this short list of Vegas hot spots that want you to leave your hat on:

 PBR Rock Bar:

Part of the Miracle Mile of Planet Hollywood, PBR Rock Bar has everything you need in a country bar and then some. First off, there is the mechanical bull to contend with. Then you get the unique beer drinking games – Beer Jenga anyone? They also have a karaoke night, beer pong tournaments and the list goes on. This is the all inclusive country bar experience right smack dab in the middle of all that neon.

Calm before the country storm.

Calm before the country storm.


Gilley’s is so uppity about its country status that they even go so far as to call themselves a saloon. Located at The Treasure Island, Gilley’s has everything you need to make you feel like you are at your favorite country bar in Texas. Oh yeah, plus the Gilley girls. You won’t forget them. Especially on Bikini Bull Riding night. When you’re in Vegas and looking for some honkey tonk, Gilley’s is the place to head to.

Coyote Ugly: 

Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing ugly about this honkey tonk except for the amount of booze you are going to drink. Located at the New York – New York, the Coyote Ugly Saloon serves up great drinks by half naked bar tenders who have a tendency to jump up on that bar and sing, just like in the movies. If you are looking for that country spot that wants you to get rowdy, then this is the one.


Town Square in Vegas has never been the same since the Rockin’ Stoney’s moved in. There is line dancing on a humongous dance floor, mechanical bull riding and pool, for when you want to unwind. The whole set-up is so eerily similar to a southern honkey tonk that you’ll be craning your neck waiting for Billy Ray to arrive. If you’ve never done country before, check them out Friday night and get a free lesson in how to line dance.

Everyone loves a dancer!

Everyone loves a dancer!

Revolver Bar & Saloon

Ride on down to the Revolver Bar & Saloon to meet Delilah, the six foot armadillo that chills out at this country bar inside of the Santa Fe Station. Besides Delilah the décor is more posh than what you would expect in a  honky tonk, but you still have the classic mechanical bull and line dancing to look forward to. If you want that hometown country bar feel, but with the OTT (Over the Top) Vegasness of it, Revolver will give it to you in spades.

Even if you have no idea who Billy Ray is, you still should check out at least one of the country scenes that are taking over Vegas. The atmosphere is completely different than what you get at the other nightclubs, plus you get to ride some bull. That right there is reason to go.