Uniquely Vegas: The Crazy Story Behind the Las Vegas Crazy Girls

Forget the casino and the restaurants that were housed inside, when it was announced that the Riviera was closing their doors our first worry was the Crazy Girls. Arguably one of the most popular statues in Las Vegas, there is also a seductive show that goes hand in hand with those bodacious booties.

The Crazy Girls revue is one of the longest running topless shows in Vegas. Each night of its over 26 years a handful of beautiful young ladies, with knock-out bodies, graced the stage at the now closed Riviera Hotel. Thank heaven that the powers that be running the Planet Hollywood had the foresight to bring the girls to their Sin City Theatre. This intimate setting lets you get up close and personal to the gorgeous girls who also happen to be fantastic dancers.

Boxing Girls.jpg

By periodically changing the routines, music and moves, this sexy revue stays fresh and feels new, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. And that hasn’t changed a bit, even after the big move over to the Planet Hollywood and the aptly named Sin City Theatre.

The Crazy Girls Statue

While other Vegas hotels idolize Roman Gods, baseball icons and Elvis in the form of life size statues, the Riviera saw fit to celebrate their best um… asset in the same way. Back in the mid ‘90’s they put artists to work to create a bronze likeness of their Crazy Girls, from the backside. Real models were used to create this likeness of 7 pump and thong wearing young ladies from behind. With arms and legs provocatively crossed from one girl to the next, and bronzed bottoms at the center of attention, it’s easy to understand how and why this statue quickly become one of Vegas’ favorites.

Crazy Girls formally at Riviera Las Vegas

Crazy Girls formally at Riviera Las Vegas

Possibly millions of photos were taken by tourists in front of this perfectly executed statue, and you can just imagine some of the poses. So of course when the news hit that the Riviera was closing its doors last year, the first thing on everyone’s mind was what was going to happen to the girls. Have no fear, Planet Hollywood stepped up to the plate and readily took the revue show along with the statue, over to their hotel. Now, if you want a selfie next to the most expensive butts in Vegas, you only need to stop by the Planet Hollywood casino floor to get it where the statue proudly stands along with the catchy sign above it:

No “IFs” “ANDs” Or ….

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