Who Would Win Top Chef in Las Vegas?

There are still some dinosaurs around who can remember when the quality of the food set out in front of them meant more than the chefs name over the door of the restaurant.  Now, thanks to the Real World and an overwhelming desire to make T.V. about anything, we have become a nation overrun with celebrity chefs.  The good old days of sweet Julia Child are long gone and in her place is a long line of replacements, most of whom bank on their famous name to open restaurants in Las Vegas.

There are three celebrity chefs whose cooking wizardry stands out above all others on the strip. For them, the only question that remains is who is the top chef?

Wolfgang Puck

The Austrian born Chef Puck has the honor of being the first celebrity chef to have a restaurant in Vegas back before we knew what a celebrity chef was.  In 1992 he opened the Vegas version of his highly successful Spago restaurant inside of Caesars Palace’s Forum shops.  That was the beginning of the end of the two dollar buffet in Vegas, as Puck’s Spago raised the bar for Vegas eateries.  Now Las Vegas is hailed as having the best fine dining scene you can find in the country and Chef Puck’s presence has expanded, in addition to Spago, his influence can be felt at Postrio and Lupo.

Puck's Top Runner:

Wolfgang Puck’s best restaurant concept in Vegas can be found inside the MGM Grand at the Wolfang Puck Bar and Grill.  The French trained Puck manages to take simple American bar and grill classics, add a twist of Californian flare and turn them into culinary masterpieces.  

Wolfgang's Bar and Grill inside MGM Grand

Wolfgang's Bar and Grill inside MGM Grand

Emeril Lagasse

Like Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse is an old school celebrity chef who actually did cook on T.V. for a living.   For those of us who were around the first time The Real World in New York, you could also tune into Chef Lagasse whipping up Creole style cuisine with his iconic BAM for every red pepper flake.  All of his Las Vegas restaurants kick it up a notch; Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House, Lagasse’s Stadium, and Delmonico Steakhouse.

Emeril's Top Runner

Table 10 stands alone on the boulevard, the way a great restaurant should.  Emeril doesn’t need a big name hotel to attract guests in to savor his New Orleans inspired classic recipes

High-class dining at a high-class joint.

High-class dining at a high-class joint.

Gordon Ramsay:

New to the American realm of celebrity chef stardom when compared with Puck and Lagasse, Chef Ramsay has become a household name seemingly overnight.  Mainly due to his offensive loud mouth and the number of shows he has brandished it on.  Still, he does know his cooking stuff, as can be seen in his Las Vegas ventures; Gordon Ramsay BurGR and Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill.  Now that’s how you bank on a name.

Ramsay's Top Runner

Gordon Ramsay Steak inside of the Paris Hotel takes you on a trip around the world.  Here you will find his heavy British influence in the entrees paired perfectly with French inspired sides.

You had me at Mac & Cheese!

You had me at Mac & Cheese!

So who would Padma choose?  Each of the three brings their own unique flair to a town that is bursting at the seams in cliché.  With Chef Puck you get old world sophistication and culinary delights that tickle your taste buds. Chef Emeril blends warm and whimsical with his flair for the dramatic, and Chef Ramsay lifts fine dining to a whole new level with a menu as diverse as his vocabulary.  We hate to break it to Tom, but in this case it would be a tie.