Wet Republic Fridays:  The Wettest Pool Party in Town.

Fantasies of being crowned Miss America ladies?  Dreams of having front row tickets to the bikini walk guys?  Fulfill your desires at Wet Republic Fridays when SPYONvegas.com hosts its annual HOT 100 contest.  This is beauty pageant gone wild, where barely there bikinis are prancing around for the chance to win some major cash.  This event kicks off its 7th year Friday, April 25th and continues every Friday until the grand finale on August 15th.  Prices for this babe fest are lower than the big name DJ events, so if you’re doing Vegas on a budget and prefer girls over AFROJACK, then Fridays at Wet Republic has just want you want.

Vegas dayclubs are always bubbling with bikini babes, but on HOT 100 Fridays at Wet Republic they are boiling over.  With 35 G’s on the line the ladies are going that extra mile to make sure that they stand out in the crowd.  This is the opportunity for you to be VIP balling in a Wet Republic private bungalow when it costs only $4,000.  With that you get VIP bottle service and your own Jacuzzi.  Plus an HDTV, frig, misting system, chaise lounges and security safe.  Play your cards right and the girls will bypass the catwalk and head straight to you and your bungalow.

All are 1st place in our book.

All are 1st place in our book.

For you girls who have spent the last six months starving yourself for this event, the price is right to secure one of Wet Republic’s deluxe cabanas for the day.  For $2,500 you are close enough to schmooze the judges and still have your own space to adjust your thong once the competition starts to get stiff. The deluxe cabana has sofas and chaises for you to rest up before your turn to strut, plus HDTV, frig and a security safe to store all of your makeup. Don’t forget about the Wet Republic VIP bottle service.  Loosen up with a couple of shots of Cuervo before getting out there and showing off your stuff.

Chance of Champagne Showers.

Chance of Champagne Showers.

If you would rather be so close that you can smell the Coppertone you can get VIP bottle service at one of the umbrella covered tables scattered around the entire pool area.  Whether up on the deck, down by the dance floor or right there at the stage, you and up to 10 of your friends will pay about $1,500 for a guaranteed spot right in the middle of the action.  If you prefer a more chill atmosphere, reserve one of the luxurious daybeds which are priced at around $725 on Wet Republic Fridays.  With this many hotties running around you may need a bed to recover your senses.

Where Waldo?

The HOT 100 at Wet Republic is one of the most anticipated Day Club events of the season and at those prices the deluxe cabanas and bungalows are going to get booked up fast.  Plan your party weekend early and use your Vegaster app to secure yourself, your friends and your future girlfriend a VIP spot that puts you right in the middle of all of those wanna-be-crown wearers.

So, ask yourself, "whats the Bungalow price, Cabana price, Daybed price?" That's like asking how much more money do you want to win at the blackjack table. Like is full of experiences. Treat this day like one of them!

*These are Vegaster user supplied numbers. Be sure to check the app before planning your day. Prices will vary.

Wet Republic Bungalow prices: $3,000-$4,250.

Wet Republic Cabana prices: $1,750-$2,750.

Wet Republic Daybed prices: $600-$1,000.