The VIP in Vegas Debate: Is Bottle Service Worth It?

The VIP connotation makes many a Vegas visitor shudder away from the allure of bottle service. “If the VIPs are doing it then it can’t be cheap”. These same club goers will then stand in line, pay a cover and end up racking up almost the same tab as the VIP did.

Because VIP in a club is not just about the size of your wallet, it’s about making sure that you are opening it.

The VIP naysayers believe that there is a hefty mark-up on liquor when you buy it by the bottle. But think about it in terms of bulk shopping. The larger the quantity you buy each time, the less you are going to pay per volume. With most clubs in Vegas, the bottle price is going to be about the same as the glass by glass price, but that bulk shopping mentality is going to win you some very important Vegas nightclub perks.

Here is how this breaks down:

·         You won’t get stuck waiting in line hoping to get in. When you book a VIP table in advance it’s to the front of line you go, and then straight to the table.

·         There won’t be any cover charge either. That fifty bucks being charged at the door is to cover all the chumps who won’t be spending any money at the bar. You have bottle service so for the Vegas nightclub making money off of you is a sure thing.

·         You get your own table. Half your party companions are going to be spending all night on their feet, but you have your own place to park.

·         There is waitress service. Did you see the crowd of people waiting at the bar? Yeah, you can forget that, your own waitress has your drinks covered.

·         And there is security. No need to worry about your stuff getting snatched when THAT guy has his eyes on your table all night.

Most of all, VIP bottle service pays for prestige. See those hotties scanning your booth? That’s ‘cause they want to know what very important person (VIP) is sitting in it.

Let’s Cut to the Chase – The Cost of VIP Bottle Service in Las Vegas

There is however more than just being charged for the booze. You will have to pay for any specialty mixers, IE Red Bull. And of course, there are numerous people to tip very well: The hostess who brought you to the table, the waitress bringing you fresh glasses, garnishes and ice, and that big guy watching out for it. Vegaster TIP: Our ALL INCLUSIVE Packages include ALL Taxes, Services, Fees, L.E.T and Gratuity. These "fees" can add up to an additional 41% on top of the table minimum spend.

But before you start shaking your head no again, also remember that the table is for what? 8 of you? All of those costs should be divvied up among your whole party.

So at the end of the night, how much extra did you really pay? Even if it was a few clams, weren’t they worth the cost of no lines, no covers and VIP prestige?