The Vegaster Skinny on Casino Slot Machines

On a chilling Friday night last August, a Las Vegas legend was finally brought to its knees. With one loud roar, the last of the MGM’s Lion’s Share slot machines finally gave out the right winning combo, paid out its 2.4 million dollar jackpot, and went to sleep forever.  It had been 20 years since that machine had hit a jackpot, and now it has been retired forever.

There are of course hundreds of thousands of other slot machines all over Vegas. More popular today than table games, slot machine fanatics from all over the world will actually hand pick their hotel choice based on the types of slots on the casino floor.

So what’s with all the hype? Do slot machines really give you better odds of winning? Do these fanny packed fanatics know some kind of scam that can predict a jackpot? Vegaster is here to set you straight on the real seduction behind the slot machine.

Let’s get this out of the way first: the odds of winning on any given slot machine never change. It doesn’t matter if you lose 200 times in a row. You have just as much chance of winning on that 201st bet as you did on the 1st one. So those hawkers who finger their change while waiting for some chump to give up his seat are wasting their time.

Using a slot card makes no difference, hot or cold machines make no difference, patting it on its side and calling it a nice slotty makes no difference. The probability of lining up a winning combo is exactly the same every. single. time. I hope that clears up any confusion.

And since we are talking about odds, you should know that they’re not very good. In fact, they are so bad that the casinos don’t even post them. The only reason why they are loved so much is because of those promises of a big payout. But here’s a secret: The bigger the jackpot the worse the odds of even winning small spins. 

But Slots are Fun So…

Slot machines will suck up your gambling money quicker than any table game, so stick with smaller bets. You now know that the odds stink anyway, so you may as well risk less, and play longer. Vegaster TIP: In order to win the MAX you must bet the MAX. So ask yourself, am I here to be lucky or to have fun?

Look for progressive machines like the retired Lion’s Share. Megabucks is one that is found in a bunch of casinos on the strip. Not only does the jackpot keep getting bigger with those, they are linked so that all of the machines are being played towards one jackpot. Just remember that of all the slots, these typically have the worst odds of winning anything.

Despite all this, the allure of the slot machine is still very compelling. One reason for this is the simplicity. You are in Vegas, which means you are supposed to gamble, but maybe you don’t know the rules of craps, or even blackjack. So to avoid looking like a chump you head to the slots. That’s cool, we get it. And hey, they bring free cocktails over there too.