The Tourist Guide to Vegas

Almost everyone’s a tourist in Vegas, but you have two kinds:  the American tourist and the not American tourist.  Those are the ones who had to travel over a big ocean to get here and they talk... different.  If you are that type of Vegas tourist than getting around town is going to be even harder for you.  But have no fear about booking your trip to America’s sinfullest city, we have an App for that.

Vegaster can help you find the best deals on the best attractions Las Vegas has going for it.  Don’t worry, we’re not that guy who is going to laugh as we give you directions to the closest strip club instead of that restaurant you wanted to try.  We’re not only going to show you the fastest route to take, we’ll let you know what’s cool to stop and see on your way there. 

The Hotels

You probably have a good idea of what a Vegas room is going to look like from watching The Hangover a thousand times.  Yeah, that room doesn’t really exist.  But Caesars Palace does have other really cool rooms that Vegaster can help you find deals on.

Does this room have a strip view? Can you be trusted?

Does this room have a strip view? Can you be trusted?

The Casinos

Did you know that you are allowed to leave your hotel and check out other casinos on the strip?  The concierge isn’t going to tell you that, but we will.  We all have different poisons when it comes to how we gamble.  Vegaster has the skinny on all the casinos and where’s a good place to play what.  Did you know that the Palms has some of the loosest slots on the strip?  Well, now you do, and we have dozens more tips like that that we are dying to share with you.

The Restaurants

The number of 5 star, Michelin rated, celebrity themed, casual, vegetarian, American, European, you name it, restaurants in Las Vegas made even our American heads spin at first.  The restaurant offerings in Vegas are like nowhere else on the planet.  You sort through it all, find what you want and make a reservation directly from your phone in 2 clicks.  Yeah, we’re nice like that.

The Shows

No tourist trip to Vegas is complete without seeing at least one of the amazing Cirque du Soleil shows.  Sort of like with the restaurants, you have to have an idea of what you want so that will can direct you to it.  Like music?  Check out the Beatles Love or Michael Jackson’s One.  Or be mesmerized by the mystique of O.  With Cirque du Soleil shows popping up everywhere on the strip, you are bound to find one to tickle your fancy. 

From water to the wall. Cirque has it all

From water to the wall. Cirque has it all

Ground Support

You just travelled halfway around the globe (sorry Canada but you’re too close to qualify as a tourist) to experience a world class vacation. We know you left something important back home, or maybe just need some hand holding support.  Vegaster offers ground support in the event of an emergency.  You need your cell phone charged to use the App, if you forgot to bring converters for the charger Vegaster can get them for you.  Socks, shoes, hairspray and brushes.  Whatever is still sitting on your bed back home can be shopped for and brought to your room by a member of your Ground Support.  Shoot, we can even get you tea and crumpets if you are feeling homesick. Now, for those of you who may have gotten into some trouble, our Ground Support is there to help bail you out...of a situation. We can get you in direct contact with people that specializes in getting you back out on the strip.

Vegas can be tough to get around in even for the people who live there.  Keep your international vacation running smoothly by letting Vegaster assist you with the planning. Oh yeah, we have all those Nightclubs, Dayclubs, Street Performers and yes, even Bathrooms on the app to help with EVERYTHING Vegas!