The Single Gals Guide to a Valentines Day in Vegas

Single women around the globe are already dreading the up-coming Valentine’s Day. With not much time left, there is very little chance of finding Mr. Right, convincing him that your Mrs. Right, and having a perfectly romantic Valentine’s Day date in new relationship bliss.

Stop dreaming of candy hearts and flowers and start planning for spa treatments and dancing. Las Vegas has just what the love doctor ordered for the single girls on Valentine’s Day.

Travel with Your Tribe

Find at least one, but preferably 2 or 3, single friends who are wild enough to take on Vegas, but not too wild where you need to worry about bail money. No parts of a pair who swears her boyfriend is cool with her abandoning him on Valentine’s Day. She’ll spend the whole time on her cell crying and apologizing to him. And no recent break-ups, they’ll be too sappy to have any fun with.

Where to Stay

If there is one thing that you should not do, it's going cheap on the hotel room. Of all things Vegas related, splurge on where you sleep. Not only do you deserve the luxury of clean and high quality sheets, you want to be on the strip in the middle of the action. The Palazzo has rooms that are big enough to divvy space amongst friends, it’s swank, and it has a more sophisticated party scene going on that will help you hook up with the right kind of guys.

Indulge in Spa Treatments

The biggest draw of the Palazzo is the Canyon Ranch Spa. The largest and arguably most luxurious spa in Vegas, you and your gal pals can have your boy problems pampered away with any number of relaxing and refreshing treatments. Go for broke and go for spa before heading out for a night on the town.

Eat Meat, Drink Lots of Wine

Have dinner at Carnevino right inside of the hotel. This is Italian steakhouse, so there are plenty of choices if your friends don’t like steak (you need new friends) and the wine list is stupendous. With meat and pasta filling your belly, and rejuvenation from the spa, you are now vixens, ready to take control of the Vegas night time party scene

Turn Up the Heat at Tao

Tao is just across the way at the Venetian and large enough to lose yourself in. This is not the club for couples so no worries about too many hearts and balloons floating around to ruin the mood. Instead you’ll find a very large number of party people like you who just want to have a good time.

Should You VIP?

Abso-friggin-lutely. Don’t depend on camping out at some guy’s table. You and your ladies deserve one of your own, where the drinks are being sent your way. Let Vegaster know what’s up and we’ll hook you up with a hostess that can get you a table for the right price.

Vegaster Tip: Plan ahead, Vegaster has CRAZY Girls only packages and deals! 

V-day is a Saturday this year, making it the perfect excuse for all the single ladies to high tail it out of town for a weekend. Don’t despair over a dateless Valentine’s, Vegas is here with open arms to show you just how lovely solo really is.