The Park – Where Your Hunger and Thirst For Something Different is Sated

The time has finally arrived for that massive space outside the New York New York to begin unveiling and opening their unique array of eateries and drinkeries. With the winter nip gone from the air, there is no better time than now to take a walk through the Park and see why this is an attraction that was well worth the wait.

BeerHaus – In a city where one wonders if booze runs through the pipelines, the Park would be lax if lacking some type of Beer Hall. BeerHaus is a Vegas original thought up by the guys at MGM, and provides a relaxing spot in the Park to sit back and enjoy a brew. But don’t let the picnic tables and games fool you, the food at BeerHaus is deceptionally delicious, even though it is served inside those paper basket thingies. Only open for a few weeks as of May, it has already proven to be a wildly popular place to catch a bite and a beer for lunch, or before heading out for the night.

California Pizza Kitchen – Even if you’ve had California Pizza Kitchen in one of their 5 other locations, you haven’t experienced it like this before. With this launch they have introduced the “Next Chapter” line of plates, that includes 20 made only for Vegas. In addition to 3 different “Power Balls” of veggies and protein mixes, you will find a specialty New York strip steak, Ahi burgers and Wagyu beef. Of course pizza is on the menu as always, and you are going to find the hot and spicy carne asada recipe hard to resist.

Bruxie – At the Park’s Bruxie, there is no cheese or protein safe from 2 fat and delicious waffles. The concept of replacing bread with waffles was conceived in California, and has now found a new crowd to please outside of New York New York. Chicken, pulled pork, salami and more are all combined with other fresh ingredients to make sinful sandwiches of epic proportion. Salad bowls, eggs and fries – of course of the waffle variety – round out the menu, promising to please everyone in your party.

Sake Rok – This is one of those restaurants where you’ll go for the food, stay for the entertainment, and end up ordering more dishes and drinks. Sake Rok is that good. The energy and vibe is upbeat, creating a kind of party-like atmosphere inside and out. Dancing is encouraged in between courses, which will be plates of steaming hot Asian food bursting with flavor and texture. If the Park at New York New York was trying to diversify their eatery options, they hit the jackpot with this one.

There has been an undeniable focus on getting outside in Vegas, and the Park has nailed this concept with taste and ambience. Throw on some sunblock and ditch those heels, it’s time to dig in, outside.