The Never Changing Face of the Blue Man Group is Always Changing

For the last 15 years, the men in blue have been entertaining the masses that amass in Las Vegas. Now using the stage at the Monte Carlo for their show, The Blue Man Group continually ups the ante to shock, awe and inspire every year, and what they have in store in 2015 does not disappoint.

The Blue Man Group started as a trio of friends on the streets of New York in 1987, looking at the culture and vibe of the city and transforming that into how a “Blue Man” –hu-man, yet new to the world -would interpret what we perceive as normal. This innocent and curious man is new to our culture and his curiosity and innocent interpretation of it causes us to view life on earth – and Las Vegas- from a new perspective.

That is the secret behind the wild success of Blue Man. As the world evolves, new cultural norms are being questioned by his quiet innocence. This constant stream of social abnormalities to explore has turned Blue Man into a global sensation and a production company with shows running all over the world.

This March The Blue Man Group has re-revolutionized their already wildly popular show with winks at pop culture and what’s new in Vegas-land. They have enhanced and improved on the entire production, making it fresh with new content, music, lighting and of course, the small Blue Man acts. The music has diversified and new instruments have been added to the mix, all adding to the intrigue of the show.

The Blue Man Group has no trouble with taking jabs at where we have arrived as a society and makes us wonder if it was all worth it. They delve into the selfie obsession as our new form of self expression along with our need to hold entire conversations with nothing more than emojis. It’s entertaining and enlightening, as you are drawn into their views of our brave new world.

As usual, the finale does not disappoint either. Always a celebration, this new ending to the show has combined all we love about a Vegas party - pumped up volume, lasers, projection mapping, UV-reactive reactive confetti and glittery strobe lights – and turned it into a frenetic climax. The crowd is up from their seats and dancing in this spectacle of sound and light, sweeping you along for the ride.

Despite the tongue in cheek humor of The Blue Man Group, their mission has always been to create a feeling of euphoria and celebrate being human. The finales are meant to draw people together and fulfill our innate desires for a momentary connection amongst strangers. This goal is achieved over and over for the thousands who flock to the theater at Monte Carlo each week to see them.

Vegaster Blue man Group Tickets.jpg

Make it a point to pay the Blue Man a visit this year, even if you’ve seen the show before. This is one of those rare productions that has built its success on being able to evolve and change as quickly as our world does.