Get Sorta’ Wet at the FREE Bellagio Conservatory this Summer

If you have ever stopped by the Bellagio Conservatory (which you should- it’s free) you already know that that each season aims to outdo the last, and almost always succeeds with flying colors. This summer, when you step inside the conservatory, you may want to don a snorkel, ‘cause you’re going under the sea.

Imagine if you can the most brilliant aquarium on the planet, and then stepping inside of it – without all the water. That’s exactly what walking through the four sections of the Bellagio conservatory feels like this summer.

The North Garden

A seductive mermaid reigns over the North garden, alongside a waterfall bedecked in colorful coral. Take a long hard look at the mermaid’s tail and you’ll find it’s made up of over 1,500 vibrant flowers. She also spent quite some time at the salon, where seashells were meticulously sewn into her long locks of hair. The fair mermaid does not reign alone, as playful sea horses “float” nearby to help keep her company.

Bellagio Conservatory 

Bellagio Conservatory 

The South Garden

Venture to the south and you’ll find a day at the beach. Next to a fisherman’s wharf, small children are found fishing, playing beach ball and building a 5 foot tall Bellagio out of the sand. Bubbles and strings of pearls hang from above the display, which is crafted using mums, carnations, lavender and baby’s breath.

The East Garden

You can get rich as you wade through the East garden, as gold and jewels overflow from the sunken treasure chests. These are all a part of the sunken fishing boat sticking out from the sand, as carefully placed water features are able to mimic the ocean's current.

The West Garden

Save the West for last, where a 26 foot tall coral reef is enhanced by a cascade of water walls. This section is layered, with each level full of different sea creatures like starfish and Nemo fish. Underneath the many schools sits a six foot clam, who opens his mouth wide every seven minutes to reveal the pearl hiding inside. A sea turtle made of red and yellow flowers looks on as 20 foot wide jellyfish tease with their tentacles from above. 

What makes this such a stand-out season is the creative use of all that space. From the floor to ceiling you find an array of different creatures and elements to ooh and aah at.

The conservatory at the Bellagio is open 24/7, and completely free whether you are a guest or not. During this summer aquatic show, there are also two live jazz shows every day at 4:30 and 5:45 which take place at the “beach” in the South Garden. That’s not a bad place to start before making your way to the Prime Steakhouse for dinner.

You have until the 12th of September to see one of the most spectacular displays yet put on by the creative minds at the Bellagio. After that will be the fall festival, and a whole new array of flower clad creatures to gawk at.