The Ever Changing Face Of Vegas

They say that you can see the neon of Vegas. I find this hard to believe. How can the astronauts tell when that image changes constantly? There is never a month that goes by where there isn’t a new opening, new building, or new something or other having its grand opening. Here’s a list of some of the latest changes and  few that are still in the works:

Linq Hotel: In October the Quad Resort & Casino suddenly became the Linq. Not to be confused with the nearby entertainment center that has the same name. Or get confused and get entertained in your hotel room, it is Vegas ya know.

There are plans in the works to re-amp the pool area and open up a day club for the next pool season. Name change and day club aside, the real excitement is the “Sweet Package” being offered online till January 29th. If you book a room before December 12th you can pay just $79 a night. Thinking Vegas for the holidays? This is a great place to start.

Imperial Palace, Nope. The Quad, Nope. The Linq Hotel, that's better!

Imperial Palace, Nope. The Quad, Nope. The Linq Hotel, that's better!

ALIBI Bar: If you are a fan of Spike’s hit Bar Rescue then you might be scratching your head at this one. First Jon yelled a lot, and then he changed the bars name to something else, and then it closed. All this in just a couple of months. Now ALIBI is back, as part of the Light Group.

Last month Aria changed the City Bar into ALIBI, a luxurious lounge just off of the casino bar. They are promising perfection and opulence, which should be easy to deliver on with the over 2.5 million bills that were pumped into it. Even though there seems to be no connection with this ALIBI or the one that shut down, it may be a good idea to make sure that Jon Taffer and crew don’t make it past the lobby.

Fulton Street Food Hall: Don’t think this is going to be anything like where you were forced to eat during your college days. The Fulton Street Food Hall is a buffet type set-up but served ala carte, if that makes sense. No? How about a food court but where you get to add your own toppings to the burger. 

This is a 24-7 eatery, and we suspect about to become very popular as an after party spot. With its wide selection of food, and ample space to hang out in, The Fulton Street Food Hall at Harrah’s has the perfectly weird set-up that just may make it a big hit in Vegas.

Pizza, Chicken, Salads & Sushi? Yep, and of course a bar not far away!

Pizza, Chicken, Salads & Sushi? Yep, and of course a bar not far away!

UBER: You probably didn’t know, but there has been a big battle going on in Vegas with the UBER car service company and local taxi drivers. UBER is an uber-cool app (like Vegaster) that lets you call for a car from your cell. Already popular in other cities, UBER has been trying for a while now to get a wheel in in Vegas, and now a recent court decision has ruled against a restraining order that prohibited them to. 

This has been a long and rather strange battle, as UBER even took to the web and started a petition to be allowed into Vegas. Of course it’s those cabbies who are all up in arms, but the way things look now, they may just have to get over it.

Omnia Nightclub: Pure inside of Caesars is finally about to undergo a new look. Hakkasan Group has decided to turn the spot which formerly housed the upscale nightclub into Omnia, a spot that promises to be more performance based than other Vegas nightclubs. 

Omnia means all, and from the plans in mind, this club is promising to have it. With at least four different areas to work with, including the former poker room at Caesar’s, there is going to be something in each corner of this nightclub for everyone. So they say. Let’s see what happens in the spring.

Strip Arena Complex: Former NBA star Jackie Robinson is part of the group that is beginning construction on a new sporting arena in Vegas. The privately funded project will have a retractable roof, 22,000 seats and no casino. The cost of this is estimated to be 1.4 billion dollars. Yes, that is a B.

The plan is to encourage an NBA team to pack up and make the desert their home, but no takers on that deal just yet. Expect to see a resort on the outskirts of the arena as well as nightclubs, restaurants and a pedestrian plaza. At least if no one wants to play ball there, there is still plenty of space to throw more concerts. 

The constant change is what has kept Vegas alive and thriving for decades. Never knowing what to expect, you can book your plans and try something completely new, even if you were to visit monthly.