The Banging Vegas Activity of the Month – Machine Guns Vegas

Newbies and sharp shooters both will have a blast at Machine Guns Vegas. This state of the art facility provides you with a full range of firearms to choose from, plenty of ammunition, and a modern range to take pop shots on. It makes no difference if you are a wanna-be gangsta, or straight up jarhead, you’ll have the time of your life letting loose at Machine Guns Vegas.

Getting to Machine Guns Las Vegas is no problem, just a few minutes from the strip they will come and get you at your hotel when you make a reservation ahead of time. For an impromptu trip, you can just call a cab and be holding a handgun in less than an hour.


Inside Machine Guns Vegas you can choose from over 25 different guns to try your trigger finger at, or sign on for one of their unique packages.

The Gamers Experience – With this package deal you get to try out for real all those weapons you use with your favorite online games. Aim and blast with an AK-47, Glock 17, M4 and MP5 and finally live the life your avatar is living.

The Femme Fatale – Perfect for that recently divorced party, or even a group of bachelorettes, the Femme Fatale is designed exclusively for women. Your package includes the chance to shoot a Glock, HK MP5 and M4, all chosen specifically for their light recoil and ease of use. Even if you are just learning how to shoot like a femme fatale, each of these weapons is easy to get to know and use.


The Five Gun Package – Choose 5 of the most powerful firearms known to man to show off your skills with on the range. The premier guns offered with this package include the P30, Sawed-Off shotgun, Raging Judge, Colt Commando, M249 SAW, UZI, AK47, SCAR, sniper rifle and SPAS shotgun. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get your paws on a collection this impressive and live to tell about it.

The Great Outdoors – Machine Guns Vegas can even take you out of the range and into the real world. With this package you are playing with 4 guns out in the desert, taking aim at exploding targets. This is an ideal package to look into if you are making plans for a bachelor party or are looking for something exciting to entertain clients with in between convention lectures.

The entire set-up at Machine Guns Vegas is super VIP-ish and incredibly convenient. A host brings you to a table where you are given the menu of guns to choose from, and targets to take aim at. A pro will then hook you up with your safety gear and get you settled into your shooting lane. After you finish, your target is yours to keep so that you can show your friends back home how many holes you put in the head of that zombie.

The adrenaline you get from shooting these powerful weapons is like nothing you have ever felt before. As one of our featured partners, Vegaster can get help get you exclusive deals and info for when you are ready to stand up and take aim at this incredible shooting range.