Was It Possible to Never See the Light of Day or Dark of Night?

Being Vegas lovers, my friends and I got a bet going to see if we could spend 2 days in Sin City without ever going onto the strip. Airport transportation excluded, was it possible to pull off such a stunt? I grabbed the challenge and my Vegaster app and started some research on how to pull this off. 

What my friends had in mind was never leaving one hotel, which yeah, I could see as sorta boring after the first night. But I knew I had read something about a tram that could shuttle you around Vegas without you ever having to go onto the strip. 

I found the most promising one to be the tram that connects to the Bellagio, Monte Carlo and City Center. And my goal was to find a way to hang out in all of these places at least once, just to be a show off. And here’s the cool thing about the trams, the entrances are not on the strip and they are free. Plan perfection. 

First stop: the Monte Carlo where I had booked our room. This was where to set up home base. The rooms here are cozy and the casino cool enough to hang out in for a couple of hours before it was time for lunch. My friends were expecting something along the lines of Diablo’s Cantina, but I took them down to the Street of Dreams where the tram picks you up every 7 minutes. 

Lunch was overlooking the fountains at PRIME steakhouse, where we could see the strip but not touch it. Then off to City Center for 9 holes at the Aria’s incredible Shadow Creek. The tram dropped us off right outside an entrance to the hotel.

After golf and showering it was time to think about our night plans. Kinda’ in awe at my tram plan, my friends wanted to head back to the City Center for dinner and drinks at the Mandarin Bar before heading back to the Big B for a night at the Bank. Quick check with the Vegaster app, and we get the hookup for VIP service. This was even better than I thought!

Back on the tram and a quick stop for grub at Café Vettro in the City Center before heading to home base and sleep before beginning round two. This was another tram-wind adventure of great eats and drinks, gambling at the Bellagio and a stop at Petrossian Bar before spending our last night at Diablo’s Bar at the Monte Carlo. This was a mind blowing few hours of way too much tequila and tacos, but well worth it.

As I sat smugly on the plane ride home, counting the cash I had won, and checking in with my Vegaster app I realized we could do it for about a week. For all the stuff we had done, there was a dozen things we missed. Oh well, maybe next time if someone wants to take the bet.