The Linq:  It’s All About Taking the Ordinary and Making it Extraordinary!

Just when you thought the Vegas skyline couldn’t get any bigger or brighter, along comes the High Roller.  No, not the ones you see dropping black chips on the roulette table, that’s a whole other bling, this High Roller is a 550 foot observation wheel that takes a full 30 minutes to make a complete round. Yet, this epic ride is only the icing for Caesars Entertainment’s newest concept, The Linq.

After decades of doing everything in their power to keep us inside the casinos, the powers that be have finally decided to let us out into the sun.  The Linq is a being described as an outdoor retail, dining and entertainment district, but when you look at the line-up of stores and restaurants, that description does not give it justice.  Nothing about The Linq is ordinary.  The collection of brands chosen each offers something unique to make what could have been a typical strip mall into something, well, something you would only find in Vegas.

The Shops:

Ruby Blue: What girl doesn’t want to try on clothes in Mae West’s dressing room? That’s what it feels like when you browse the glitzy accessories and costume jewelry offered by this one of a kind ladies boutique.  Looking for that perfect bachelorette party gift?  You will find it here, whether the bride-to-be needs some sexy lingerie or an adult toy to help get her honeymoon started right.   Ruby Blue is The Linq’s way of turning clothes shopping into a fantasy.

Maybe something in Red for the lady?

Maybe something in Red for the lady?

Koto:  If gift shopping you are sure to find more than one thing in this eclectic store that your friend who has everything doesn’t.  Founded in Aspen, this odd and end boutique carries everything you never knew you needed.   From home accessories to luggage tags, every item is carefully selected to appeal to those who shudder at mainstream. 

The Food:

Sprinkles Cupcakes:  This is one of those “Now we didn’t I think of that?” concepts that has arrived on The Linq.  This cupcake craze started in Beverly Hills in 2005 has become a national obsession.  Even the normally reclusive Barbra Streisand has been seen licking her fingers after indulging in one.  As if selling cupcakes isn’t unique enough, this sweet giant has revolutionized the industry with a Cupcake ATM, dispensing, you got it, cupcakes instead of cash.

Always a winner at this machine!

Always a winner at this machine!

Haute Doggery:  You can get mustard and kraut anywhere, but only at Haute Doggery can you get a dog topped with truffle mayo.  The same group that revolutionized the burger at Holstein’s Shakes and Buns is now trying its hand at the other American classic, the hotdog.  Yes, they will let you be boring with just some relish and onion, but why would you want to when you can have a dog that’s wrapped in bacon.  Everything is better with bacon.

The Nightlife:

Brooklyn Bowl:  Because a bowling alley was the one thing missing from the strip.  A concert hall/bowling alley, The Brooklyn Bowl has scheduled its opening night for March 8th with Bowlive, but the real opening party is slated for March 15th and 16th when none other than the other Elvis performs live. That would be Elvis Costello & The Roots.  Plus, you can actually go bowling here on one of their 32 lanes, with VIP service.  Where else but Vegas?

Elvis and The Roots!

Elvis and The Roots!

The Purple Zebra:  Not even F. Scott Fitzgerald could have envisioned this concept, no matter how much he drank himself.  The Purple Zebra is a self serve daiquiri bar.  Daiquiri bar, like a yogurt bar, but with rum and candy toppings.  You can’t beat that combination.  They offer 20 different starter flavors and then you get to top it off however you want.  With a venue like this, The Linq is sure to make Las Vegas Boulevard feel like This Side of Paradise.

With a city like Las Vegas that is in a constant state of change, it is hard to improve on and even harder to offer something different.  Yet somehow, with The Linq, they did just that.