Something New: The Lastest Round Of Casino Slot Machines.

For some of us, playing slots means finding an empty chair and crossing our fingers. Oh, and waiting for the cocktail waitress to bring the free drinks. Avid players are more choosy and will actually have their own systems in place for how to win against the machines.

At last months Global Gaming Expo there were a number of new machines showcased that stood out as top contenders for making a big hit with slot enthusiasts. Among our faves were:

Big Bang Theory: Even Sheldon would have to approve of the wonder wheel slot machine that features him and all of his nerd friends, plus Penny of course. The most popular sitcom on TV right now, the Big Bang Theory slot machine will hopefully have you saying bazinga all the way to the big bank. At least we know it will be a big hit when comic con is in town.

Friends: The surprise here is that Friends is a new slot machine theme. The show has been off the air for like ten years already and now they are going to bank on its popularity. It’ll work though, especially since it is still one of the most popular shows in syndication. The slot game has special bonus rounds based on recurring themes throughout the shows runs, like weddings and birthdays, but other than that play is not much different than what you are already used to.

Still perfect Rachel hair!

Still perfect Rachel hair!

Duck Dynasty: The Duck Dynasty slot machine displayed at the expo played very much like the Tarzan game. There are a bunch of bonus rounds based on what the guys like to do on the show, hunt and fish, but it will be the popularity of the show itself that will draw the crowd, not the way the game is set up.

Wonder Woman: The Wonder Woman slot machine is going to have great appeal for slot players who know who Lynda Carter (who was there signing autographs) is and for the younger crowd who loves exciting slot play. This is your typical 5 reel slot machine, but with lots of video, lots of Wonder Woman theme music and a bunch of interesting bonus rounds. Of all the games on display, this one was the most exciting from a slot enthusiast stand point.

Sons of Anarchy: After seeing the Walking Dead slot machine, the powers that be that brought us the Sons of Anarchy wanted their own toy just like that one and asked Aristrocrat to build it. The result is an action style slot machine based on the most popular cable show on TV. The game has footage of the show interspersed with new ways to collect on bonus rewards.

Since we brought it up, we thought we’d give our somewhat biased opinion of the Walking Dead slot machine, which has been in casinos since last January: 

The new trend in slot machines is obviously celebrity and playing with a player's emotions to entice them to take a seat and drop a token. So long as the play continues to be exciting and rewarding (read: we want to win sometimes) no matter what the theme, slots will always rule in the casino.