Is a Players Club Card in Vegas Worth All the Hype?

There are signs for them all over every casino in Vegas. “Sign up for our free players club card and get… yadda yadda yadda.” But should you bother? That depends on what you do when you’re in Vegas and which card you sign up for. 

A players club card is the casino keeping track of your spending habits in their casino and then rewarding you if your habits are helping their bottom line. They are recording what kind of gambler you are and how much you are dropping in cash. Drop enough and they’ll give you some incentives to stay in their hotel so you can drop some more.

Just a few of the VIP cards you can get.

Just a few of the VIP cards you can get.

Smaller casinos use player club cards only to reward gamblers, but the larger ones have now begun giving their members points for non-gambling spending inside the hotel too. If you have lunch at a restaurant or spend half a day at their spa, you’ll get points which add up to comps. These will also email or snail mail you discounts and specials, plus give you discounts on rooms and restaurants depending on how much you use them.

It used to be that only slot machine play earned you points, but now if you hand your card over to the blackjack dealer the money you lose there is also counted towards your card.

Splittin ' 10's

Splittin' 10's

Caesar’s Total Rewards card is a good one to sign up for because you earn points at all of their casinos and hotels.  Signing up is a snap, and can be done online, plus you get to earn points not just with gambling, but also when you shop or eat at any of their resorts. This includes all resorts, even those in Atlantic City and Mississippi. Get discounts just for being a member and rack up credits towards free stuff and free plays.

Mlife is a lot like the Total Rewards card that can be used at any of the MGM resorts. This one works in tiers, upgrading you when you reach a certain spending limit. Each tier gets you all the perks below it plus a set of new ones, like VIP access to their nightclubs and dayclubs when you hit their gold level.  Partnered with Hyatt, the MLife card also lets you earn points through their resorts all around the world.

SLS Las Vegas started their players club before the doors even opened. Being a member of the CODE gets you perks at all SLS properties around the world, and lets you earn points there too. If you are wanting to check out this new hotel-casino, but are afraid of its price tag, sign up online for membership and get special discounts on a room when you book them.

SLS is the newest card to enter your wallet. Welcome to the CODE.

SLS is the newest card to enter your wallet. Welcome to the CODE.

Boarding Pass is a club to consider if you spend a lot of your time in off of the strip casinos. This one works with a whole bunch of casinos like Boulder Station, Red Rock and Fiesta Rancho. You can’t sign up online and you miss out on a lot of the perks offered on the strip, but if you are a $2 slice of pizza type of tourist anyway than this rewards club card is right up your alley.

The downside to being a casino rewards club member is that you might feel limited to where you can play eat and sleep when in Vegas. That’s why it’s better to go with those that work with a lot of different places. There is really no reason not to go for it since it’s free and easy (like a lot of things in Vegas) unless you are freaked out by the idea of big brother watching your every move.