Vegas Nightclub Tip: Picking out the Right Girls to Pick Up

Whether they admit or not, we know that single guys headed to Vegas have the idea of a one night stand in their head. That Vegas hook-up of all hook-ups where you have no worries about ever running into that chick again. If that’s on your short list of things to do while in town, then here’s some tips on how to pick up the right one:

Stay Moderately Sober

It’s true what they say about girls getting hotter as you drink. There is no science here, it’s just a matter of lowered standards once Jimmy Bean takes a hold of your senses. If you want a hook up with a real hottie, keep your alcohol consumption in check. This will also serve you in discerning between the tourists and the pros.

Look for the Girl With a Drink in Her Hand

Despite what you may think you want in a one night stand, you don’t want a sputtering drunk. You do however want a girl who isn’t afraid to let her guard down a little bit with a couple of drinks. 


So How do You Propose to Approach this Girl?

First the don’ts: Don’t use some sleazy pick up line. In fact, don’t use any type of pick up line, they all make you sound like a turd. Also avoid that urge to start dancing with them from behind. Your first interaction should be face to face, with no physical contact. A simple “hello, my name is Bill. What’s yours” will stop any drinks flying in your face and show you to be just a guy looking to hook up with a nice girl. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Is She The Right One?

If she does throw a drink in your face anyway than no. She is also not the right one if, again, she is stone hard drunk. Really. You start messing with girls who are over there “I know what I am doing” threshold then you are just being a chump. The right one is going to still be able to hold a conversation with you. If she starts off about the boyfriend back in Tulsa, look for your escape ‘cause you’re just wasting time. If she starts talking about having a great time in Vegas and how much fun getting away from real life is, then grab her hand and get her to your VIP table fast, before someone else tries to snatch her up.

First and Foremost; Treat everyone with respect!

First and Foremost; Treat everyone with respect!

Making the Offer

If you still don’t know how to tell when a girl is willing to hook up, you’re not ready for Vegas. Look for the big smiles, nervous giggles, hair twirling and eye batting. These are classic, “I’m down for a good time, but don’t want to look like a slut” signs. If she is more blatant about it with thigh caresses and whispers in the ear, then she too is down for it. Or maybe a pro. How you handle that call is up to you. Vegaster Tip: Prostitution is illegal in Vegas. If you have the non-slut scenario then all you need to do is ask her if she wants to have drinks in private. You’re both adults, and know exactly what that really means.

The Morning After

Your best bet is always to go to her hotel if possible. This allows you to maintain control of when the hook up is over. Back at your hotel, you might never get them to leave. At her room you can tell her your flight is leaving early in the morning, your friends don’t have a key to the room or even that you feel a stomach flu coming on. Just say anything to avoid waking up next to a complete stranger in the morning.

To Exchange or Not to Exchange

Unless you feel like you have just had a one nighter with your future wife, divulge as little personal information as possible. This is one of those times when you really want what happened in Vegas to stay there. Give fake digits if you have to and be broad about where you are from.  Even your name will get you into trouble once she gets home and plugs it into Facebook. May sound mean, but if you followed some advice about the sputtering drunk, then this girl knew exactly what she was doing and should have no qualms about you wanting to remain anonymous.

Plan on having to search far and wide for this perfect one night stand. It may happen your first night, or it might not happen at all. That’s okay, there’s always next time and the next round of hotties to choose from.