Out With the Pure in With the Omnia

Not to be outdone by the success of Drai’s, the Caesar peeps –with some help from Hakkasan- have their own version of roof top revelry up their sleeves. The Pure days of Caesar’s are no more, but it is making up for it with something completely new. If you have springtime plans to visit the strip, add Omnia to your bucket list.

Omnia – as in insomnia- is taking it to 3 levels, starting with a chic lounge, then the main club room with mezzanine one-upped by a garden on the roof where you can ooh and ahh at the strip from an opulent VIP booth. Caesar’s is holding nothing back when it comes to creating a new nightclub experience in a city that is already overflowing with them.

The plans for the main club room include a four story high domed ceiling with the mezzanine being set aside for VIP booths. Using the same design scheme as an opera house, the uber VIP can look down over the commoners from their slightly beveled perch.

Just recently, it was revealed that renowned DJ Afrojack has had a hand in the sound and lighting department, along with other details that only a DJ would think about. This is good, since he is billed as their top headliner. Also signed to spin their stuff are Armin van Buuren, Chuckie, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, Krewella, Nervo, Nicky Romero and Showtek. That’s friggin’ impressive considering the club hasn’t even bought their bar glasses yet.

No official opening date has been announced yet beyond the mysterious Spring, 2015 but tickets are expected to go on sale February 2nd, so we’re guessing they will let us in on the specifics by then. 

Hakkasan is using this experience to spread its successful nightclubs out of the desert. A second Omnia location is being prepared in San Diego and will have the same look and feel as its mother ship in Vegas. In fact, it looks like the master plan is to have Omnia become a chain of nightclubs scattered all across the country.

The president of Hakkasan, Nick McCabe. is quoted as saying that the new concept is going to be performance based rather than celebrity based. This explains the killer DJ roster. In other words, instead of depending on non-musical guests like B-Listers (no names mentioned here) to draw in a crowd, they expect the highest quality music to do that for them. That’s a relief.

As is typical in Vegas, details are being trickled out little by little for the 411 on this latest club. In the meantime, Vegaster promises to keep you as up to date as they let us. Keep checking back for the details on the official opening date, talent calendar and of course how to secure one of those super cool VIP booths in the sky. Yes, Vegaster will be giving you all the controls to make this the best night of your Vegas VIP vacation.


BREAKING NEWS: Calvin Harris is set to bring is talents to this brand new space. At a rumored $400,000 PER SHOW, expect this place to set the bar for Nightclub Entertainment!